When hacking happens, Mariah Fletcher is here to help! With being one of the best hackers in the world, she has a lot of jobs. Her ability is used for good but some people want it for evil. Mariah has many challenges to face, do you think she can hack them all and figure out what lies beneath?


1. Work

It's one of those days at work. Where all you do is just sit there until you leave. I was having one of those days where all I did was just sit there until my boyfriend came to pick me up. I work for a coding unit in Australia. Yep, a plain old job except I'm one of the famous hackers in the world. If you know me well I get creative with my hacking abilities. Sometimes I pretend I'm a spy, other times I disguise my self in a costume, most of the time I just put a newspaper in my face so no one can see. I mostly just work in the office with annoying brats walking around every 10 seconds. It gets annoying!

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