How I became bisexual

My name is Alexandra Santos. Short for Alex Santos. I am a freshman in High School with long brown wavy hair with blonde tips and hazel eyes. I live in a hot place with palm trees and sunshine everyday, California. Amy Gray is my best friend, gorgeous brunette, with a perfect smile, and great personality. I live with my mom and my older sister. Sam Santos. Sydney Rider, is someone new in my life. We met in school, and our lockers are pretty close to each other. She has beautiful dirty blonde hair and sparkly brown eyes. She never stops blushing when she see's me.. Does this mean something?


3. What is happening?

Alex's Point Of View

I unlocked my locker that had a combination. 3-29-13 I said to myself. I looked to my right and Sydney gave me a cute smile. Her cheeks turned red and her eyes got sparkly. "Hey." I smiled. I grabbed my Science and Math books since those were my morning classes. "Hi." She smiled back, showing her teeth. She was in my Science class so I decided to walk with her there.

It was pretty awkward. We didn't really talk to each other on our way to the class, we just made eye contact multiple times. I sat down in my seat in the back with my weird lab partner Gregg. "Okay class, I decided to switch up your seats." My Science teacher (Mrs. Rose) said to us. Sydney turned back at me and quickly looked away.

"Gregg, I want you to move to Sydney's spot and Sydney I want you to move with Alexandra." Mrs. Rose said while handing out papers. Sydney quickly moved her books next to me and sat down. She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back.

The bell rang and I went to Math. I asked to use the bathroom and Sydney was in there washing her hands. "Oh hey." She said. She started blushing again. "Why do you blush so easily, are you shy?" I giggled. "No it's just I-I just." She hesitated. She finished her sentence, "I just blush a lot when I'm around you." She dried her hands. "You blush when your around me?" I asked. I think I under stood but I also think I didn't.

She came closer to me. "Yeah because-" She didn't finish. She leaned over. "Because what?" I said while slowly moving back. She put her hands around my waist which made me feel really uncomfortable. "Wait, W-What are yo-u doing?" I asked. I felt her lips touch mine, it was different. I put my hands around her. But then I realized I was kissing a girl and I backed up. "I'm sorry." She said and she was still holding me. "It-" I tried to speak but she interrupted me. "It's because I like you." She said.

That explains why she always blushes and her eyes sparkle when she see's me, I thought to myself. Wait. We just kissed. She leaned over for another kiss. I couldn't move, I was against a wall and she was holding me. She kissed me again, her eyes were closed and mine were open. What the hell am I doing? It looked like she really enjoyed it, she started using tongue. I tried to stop but I couldn't, I'm not sure if I liked it or not. She then grabbed my butt and slowly started to squeeze it. "Wait." I stopped. 'What happened?" She asked looking at me with her innocent look. "I-I." She kissed me before I got so say anything. "Someone will see." I said.

She grabbed my hand and went into the last stall in the bathroom. She smiled and kissed me. I guess she really liked me. We started to make out and she then picked me up. What? What's happening? What am I suppose to do now? I quickly put my legs around her. She began to squeeze my butt again and this time her hands were touching my ass. My short's were really short. She must be really strong to hold me for this long. I put my arms around her and went along with the making out. Then, she started to kiss my neck. "I think I should go back to class." I said. "Why?" She kissed me. "I just can't do this." She put me down and I quickly went back to class.

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