How I became bisexual

My name is Alexandra Santos. Short for Alex Santos. I am a freshman in High School with long brown wavy hair with blonde tips and hazel eyes. I live in a hot place with palm trees and sunshine everyday, California. Amy Gray is my best friend, gorgeous brunette, with a perfect smile, and great personality. I live with my mom and my older sister. Sam Santos. Sydney Rider, is someone new in my life. We met in school, and our lockers are pretty close to each other. She has beautiful dirty blonde hair and sparkly brown eyes. She never stops blushing when she see's me.. Does this mean something?


7. Shit.

Amy's Point Of View:

I sat there shocked. I locked my door and ran after Alex. "Alex!" I yelled. But she was too fast she was two blocks away already. My boyfriend stopped me. "Babe? What's the rush for, you have 20 minutes left." He said kissing me. "I have to go." I kissed him and kept running. Where did she go? Bathroom? I ran into the school and down the hallway. I ran up to the 2nd floor and turned right. "Alex?" I asked. Nope. Nobody was in here.

The bell rang. What? It's been 20 minutes already? I ran back to the first floor and opened my locker. "What happened? You and your little friend got in a fight?" Julia laughed. "I'm not in the mood." I rolled my eyes and grabbed my gym clothes. "I don't care if your not." She laughed with her friends. I hate her. I just want to throw her under a bus. Literally. "I didn't ask if you cared or not." I slammed my locker and started to walk away. "You didn't need to ask, you should already know. I don't like you and neither does your boyfriend." She giggled.

I stopped. "Grow up." I yelled. I continued, "I don't give a fuck if you don't like me, half the school doesn't like you cause your a bitch." She stood there and she felt stupid. "That's not what your boyfriend said to me." She laughed with her friends. "It wont be so funny when I knock your fucking ass out." I took someone's textbook and slammed her in the face with it. She gasped and her head slammed to the locker. She was laying on the ground and one of her friends slapped me. Oh shit!

I turned to her and jumped on her. "Amy!" Someone yelled and picked me up. It was Alex. "Is that all you got?" Julia yelled. Alex couldn't hold me anymore and I finally kicked Julia in the face. She fell straight to the ground and her eyes were shut. "AMY!" Alex gasped. Julia's girls were ganging up on me. "Fight! Fight!" Everyone shouted. Sydney came out of no where and started to help me. The principle snapped at us. Everyone stopped. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WANT ALL OF YOU GUYS TO COME WITH ME EMEDIATLY! ." He pointed at us. "Mr. Hans!" One of Julia's friends cried. "COME WITH ME NOW!" He yelled. "Look!" She pointed to Julia on the ground. "JULIA?!" He checked if she was breathing. "Call the ambulance NOW!" He yelled. I gasped. Shit.

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