How I became bisexual

My name is Alexandra Santos. Short for Alex Santos. I am a freshman in High School with long brown wavy hair with blonde tips and hazel eyes. I live in a hot place with palm trees and sunshine everyday, California. Amy Gray is my best friend, gorgeous brunette, with a perfect smile, and great personality. I live with my mom and my older sister. Sam Santos. Sydney Rider, is someone new in my life. We met in school, and our lockers are pretty close to each other. She has beautiful dirty blonde hair and sparkly brown eyes. She never stops blushing when she see's me.. Does this mean something?


9. Maybe I like her.

Alex's Point of View:

"Amy it was but I just-" I signed. "You said you wouldn't care anyway." Amy rolled her eyes. "If I haven't come in here you guys would have sex. You would've lost your virginity to a fucking girl." She yelled. "Maybe I want to. Maybe I do like her." I yelled back. Amy looked discussed. "Listen your my best friend, and I want you to be happy but this went a little to far, you tried to kiss me."

"Amy, are you kidding me?" A tear dropped my face. "No. You need to calm your hormones." She ran out of the bathroom. Sydney came back in. "Are you okay?" She hugged me. "No. Did you hear anything?" I let go of the hug. "Just when she screamed the part about us having sex." We both giggled. "Were we?" I asked. "Well-" *Alex Santos please report to the office* 

"Guess we wont be seeing each other." I giggled. "Come here." Sydney grabbed me by the waist and she started to make out with me. She slowly pulled down my pants, and then my Victoria secret panties. "Let's make this quick before someone else come in." Sydney said while taking her shirt and bra off. There they were, her boobs. "They don't bite." Sydney laughed. I stared at them. She grabbed my hands and put them on her boobs. I started to slowly squeeze them in my hands. "Mhm." Sydney moaned.

Sydney started to go down slowly. I felt the tip of her tongue touch my vagina but the speaker went off again. "I should go." I frowned. "Why?" She kissed me. "I will tell you what happens. I quickly put my pants back on and ran to the office.


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