How I became bisexual

My name is Alexandra Santos. Short for Alex Santos. I am a freshman in High School with long brown wavy hair with blonde tips and hazel eyes. I live in a hot place with palm trees and sunshine everyday, California. Amy Gray is my best friend, gorgeous brunette, with a perfect smile, and great personality. I live with my mom and my older sister. Sam Santos. Sydney Rider, is someone new in my life. We met in school, and our lockers are pretty close to each other. She has beautiful dirty blonde hair and sparkly brown eyes. She never stops blushing when she see's me.. Does this mean something?


4. I'm sorry.

Sydney's Point Of View:

I stood there and watched her leave. I feel like I went to far. I shouldn't have kissed her neck, otherwise she would still be here, making out with me, and she even let me touch her ass. I signed and walked out of the bathroom. I saw Alex enter the room and she quickly glanced toward my direction and wiped her lips.

What if she does like me? But she's not lesbian. I keep saying to myself. The whole entire period I kept thinking about what happened in the bathroom. It wasn't a dream, I made out with my crush. But then I scared her off. Stupid me.

The bell rang for lunch and Alex walked right past me. She opened her locker combination as quickly as she can. "I'm sorry." I said putting my books away. "Um. It's fine." She said. "I shouldn't have done that." I closed my locker and looked at her. "It's okay." She had a little smile on her face and walked to Amy. While she was walking out she turned to me and smiled.


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