Unorthodox Measures

"Just another day in the office"
Jack Richards, in the midst of his discovery leads him to using his superhuman powers that have been kept hidden for the first 29 years of his life . Arrested, he must keep his morale high and survive the brutal measures of CIA Agent Micha's Interrogation Skills.


1. Never Again

                 "Beep, Beep,Beep". the alarm goes as Jack Richards awakes, looks at his clock, and bangs on the snooze button. "Shit!!!! time for work already?". Jack drowsily sits in his bed and gets ready for work. "It's just another rainy day in Downtown. isn't it?" he thinks to himself as he walks down the deserted empty streets of Downtown early in the morning. Jack looks at his watch as he waits for the street light to change. it reads "5:02 am",. He looks around for a bit. on his left he sees a few homeless folk walking down the street. To his right, nothing. except for closed shops that he had also seen on his left. "Finally": he thinks to himself as the street light changes. crossing the long street, A abandoned blanket catches his eye. as he walks closer. Jack notices blood underneath. "What the fuck?" as he walks closer. the blanket gets thicker and thicker. He finally gets to the middle of the street in which there is a body laying underneath a now blood soaked black blanket

           Jack, standing in the middle of the street ponders in his mind what is the "Right" thing to do. He kneels down and uncovers the body. Jack stares in disgust at a young girl whose face is smashed in, teeth missing, eyeball hanging out, and poorly done mutilations all across the torso. Jack pulls out his phone and dials "911".

"911, what is your emergency?"

"OK OK. Well it is brought to my attention. whitlist walking to work. that a dead body has caught my attention"

"ok sir, where is your location"

Jack looking upon the street light for a street name. Hears a horn go off. A truck is speeding down the street.

"Sir? Hello?"

The Driver of the truck continues to honk the horn like a madman. Jack signaling to stop also yells at him. "Stop the fucking truck!!!!!! Stop!!!!"
The truck gets even closer and closer. Jack continues to signal the truck to stop.

"I said stop!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jack and the truck make contact. The truck flips over as it hits Jack partially. as if Jack has a force field upon him.

"Shit" Jack thought upon him.

Down the hill upon the street. He hears sirens approaching closer and closer.

"Fuck" He thought.  "Fuck, fuck, fuck," as knots continued to form in his stomach

Two Cop cars approached and parked abruptly right near him. Four cops Exited the car. Guns Locked and Loaded

"Freeze Motherfucker. Put your hands where we can see them" One cop yelled. The Others looked confused to what bestowed upon their eyes

'Never Again" Jack thought. "Never Fucking Again"  



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