Unorthodox Measures

"Just another day in the office"
Jack Richards, in the midst of his discovery leads him to using his superhuman powers that have been kept hidden for the first 29 years of his life . Arrested, he must keep his morale high and survive the brutal measures of CIA Agent Micha's Interrogation Skills.


2. Agent Micha

 "Never Again" "Never Fucking Again" Jack Thought

                                                                  3 Days Later

               Jack awakes, tied to a chair, in a room as dark as eyes can see. only a table, a celling light and a window occupy. "Hello......................Hello. where the fuck am I?" Jack shouts at the window. He starts squirming in his seat thinking that he can loose the chains bestowed upon his hand to the seat.

Two Men Sit Outside The room starring at jack through the one way mirror laughing at Jack antics. The two men start to converse

"look at this fucking idiot"

"I know huh"

"Goddamn who knew these freaks live amongst us"

"God creates some crazy beings"

"It just boggles the mind"

Another man walks into the lobby of the room, pulls out his badge and goes up to the men

"Agent Geraldo Micha. I was ordered to extract information from a Mr. Jack Richards"

The men analyze Micha, studying his badge until one replies

"Yes, yes Richards is right in there"

"Thank you Gentlemen" Micha Replies

Agent Micha walks up to the door, grasps at the handle, and gives a loud sigh

"Just another day at the office". and he walks into the room

Jack stops as Micha walks into the room. "Who the fuck are you and where the fuck am I?" Jack asks. Micha ponders and stares at Jack. "ANSWER ME MOTHERFUCKER" Jack houts. "Well young man you're in "Hotel California" Micha responds. Jack squrims in his seat again. "Well I bet your a fucking old pig who came to fuck me over? no nothing huh? just a fucking prison. like those where you fucking put fucking terrorists."

Micha laughs and responds "Well young man. it seems as if you and me are going to be the best of friends. aren't we. huh...... I'm just here serving my country. that's all. to keep the fine people of the United States safe from freaks like you."

Jack huffs loudly as beads of sweat drip down from his face "FUCKING PIG" he yells and attempts to spit in Micha's face. He is low in saliva. "What's in the box? huh?" jacks asks.

'Toys" Micha responds. he opens the box and pulls out an electro shock weapon.

"You pigs are going to torture the information out of me? eh?" Jacks yells in a cocky accent

MIcha ponders a bit "This is just the beginning"





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