Insight // Michael Clifford

She was a rockstar, he was a fan, until they got on the same level.


1. Prolouge

m i c h a e l ' s  p o v


I stand in the front row of the concert for one of my favorite bands, on the rise to fame, called Situations.It consists of Blaze Warner, the lead singer, Morrison Scott, the guitaritst, and Ariel Smith, the drummer.

I take a sip out of the red cup in my hand, thinking about my own band and it's halfway success, whilst they play their song called Tribal.My band, 5 Seconds Of Summer,  had started only a year ago, and on one of our videos, we already have about 6 million views!No, not 500 million like famous bands, One Direction, Sleeping with Sirens, etc. But it was a huge accomplishment.

Ariel stands up, walking to the front of the stage.

"This is Ariel, as you may know, she's our drummer.But today, Sydney, she wants to do something special for you guys, since this is her home.So, I give you, lady and gents, Ariel Smith!" Blaze yells exitedly.Ariel takes the microphone, gripping onto it as I stare in awe at the beautiful creature.

"Okay, I'm gonna sing a song for you guys, you probably know it, I'm going to be covering Stay Away From My Friends by Pierce the Veil.So get your lighters out!" She screams, the crowd, including me, roaring loudly and everyone taking their lighters out of their pockets, including me, and get ready to light them and hold them in the air, swaying in sync.

She opens up her mouth, and her beautiful undiscovered voice fills the almost silent arena.

"Waking up your neighbors downstairs,I've been inside your bedroom a thousand years.And as you tie me to the bed for good I say, that I want you in the most unromantic way." She sings, everyone lighting their lighters and swaying them in the air, her platnum blonde hair sways as she strums the acoustic guitar with passion, smiling throughout the song.

When she is finished, there are several people around me, including Ariel herself, with either a couple little tears or tears streaming down their faces at how beautifully she sang.

"Bye, guys." She smiles, sniffling and walking off stage to join the rest of her band, and people begin to shuffle out.

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