Life saver

Kimberly is a very insecure girl. She cuts herself and always calls here self fat. One day she feels she's had enough. She goes to a bridge. Just then the famous justin bieber shows up and saves her.
Will she fall for him?
Read to find out


7. They hate me

It's been a month since I moved in with justin and it's great. He protects me he takes me out. He even cuddles with me. In the beginning I thought it was all a joke being that he is justin bieber but now I know he loves me. Justin and I were cuddled up on the couch watching About Last night. I laid my head on Justin's lap while he played with my curly brown hair.  I looked up into his eyes. 

K- I love you 

J- I love you too princess. He bent down and kissed me. I got off of his lap and went to the kitchen to make rice beans and fried chicken. Justin has always talked about Hispanic food so I made some. As I was waiting for the food to get done I went on my twitter and instagram. I saw really nice comment and then came across the rudest on of all. " she's a fucking bitch. Why does she look like a fucking cow. Justin is mine bitch"  I put my phone down and started crying. After the food was finished I made Justin's plate and gave it to him. He looked in my eyes and saw tears. 

J- Baby what's wrong. 

K- Uhh nothing. I'm not really hungry I'm gonna go to the room. 

J- Baby please eat with me it's really good so eat. 

K- I'm not hungry. I ran away and upstairs. I looked the bathroom door and cut my self. They hate me. Why? What have I done? I heard justin jiggling the door knob. 

J- Babe open this door right now. 

K- Leave me alone, 

j- Open it now !!! 

K- Please just go. A few seconds later the door opened and justin looked at me with sad eyes. 

J- Why did you do this. 

K- beliebers hate me. J-baby they love you. 

K- Look if this is love then you don't know what love is. I showed him my phone and he grew red and angry. He went to the bedroom and got bandaids and wrapped. A few minutes latter I logged on instagram and saw a video by justin. 

J- Hey guys really quickly I wanna say that you guys aren't acting like fans. Telling my gf that she's a bigch a slut a cow. That's not nice. You hurt her you hurt me. Look at me I'm crying because of you guys and because of her. She harms her self because of the hate. Don't dot hat. Some of you aren't real fans. I'm sorry bye. I went to the room and hugged justin. 

K- Thank you baby I love you. 

J- Anything for you. Just please don't hurt yourself. 

K- I won't 


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