Life saver

Kimberly is a very insecure girl. She cuts herself and always calls here self fat. One day she feels she's had enough. She goes to a bridge. Just then the famous justin bieber shows up and saves her.
Will she fall for him?
Read to find out


10. Promise

I've been home for a month now and it's been wonderful. Justin and I stopped fighting. We cuddle everyday and it's awesome. 

We are currently sitting on the couch watching tmz. 

Re- Our top story is justin bieber. 

Justin snatched the remote from my hand and turned off the tv. I grabbed the remote and turned it on. 

Re- Last month we caught Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in the park laughing and talking. I looked at Justin and rolled my eyes. 

Re- Just last week we caught justin and Selena again but this time justin was kissing her forehead. Is justin cheating on his new girlfriend Kimberly Cruz ? 

I looked at Justin who was as still as a statue. 

K- So that's why you shut off he tv. To hide the fact that your cheating on me. 

J- Baby I can explain if you let me.

k- Explain? wtf is there to explain. Once again your dumbass screwed up. I'm done. 

I ran upstairs and grabbed a few items and headed down stairs. 

J- Baby please wait I'm not cheating I was- 

K- Save it! I'm done. And I PROMISE You I will never come back. Go to Selena. Goodbye. 

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