Life saver

Kimberly is a very insecure girl. She cuts herself and always calls here self fat. One day she feels she's had enough. She goes to a bridge. Just then the famous justin bieber shows up and saves her.
Will she fall for him?
Read to find out


3. Picnic Kiss

I woke up thinking about justin. I smiled to myself. He makes me feel so special. My phone buzzed and it was justin. 

From Justin❤️ Hey beautiful I was just thinking bout you. Can't wait to take you out. 

To Justin❤️ I was think about you too. I can't wait either. I remember when I had dreams like this lol. 

From Justin❤️ Trust me this isn't a dream. Igtg get ready for the picnic. 

I put my phone down and hopped in the shower. I washed my hair and body. I came out and straightened my hair. I put on a red and blue plaid shirt with a black tank underneath. I kept it un-buttoned. I put on skinny dark blue jeans. I put on black converse. I put on eyeliner and mascara. It was 2:45 when I was done getting ready. I walked out side and waited for Justin. He pulled up and got out. 

J- You look so gorgeous. I blushed. He grabbed my waist and kissed my temple. We pulled up to a Park. We walked all the way by the river. I sat down on the blanket and talked. 

J- Why do you treat yourself so badly when you look so beautiful. 

K- Justin I know you're just trying to be nice I'm not beautiful. 

J- Yes you are. No body in the world has that's smile of yours. Those light brown eyes. Nobody. I blushed. After we ate justin drove me back home. WE walked up to my door. 

J- I wanna take you out tomorrow too. He leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back.

K- I'll see you tomorrow justin. Kissed him back and walked in. I leaned my back against the door. 

K- Woah. I bit my lip. Justin texted me. 

J- I felt sparks when we kissed. 

K- Me too. Your lips are so soft. Lol 

J- Lol I see you tmrw princess. 

K- will do. 

I still couldnt believe Justin was my saver. 


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