Life saver

Kimberly is a very insecure girl. She cuts herself and always calls here self fat. One day she feels she's had enough. She goes to a bridge. Just then the famous justin bieber shows up and saves her.
Will she fall for him?
Read to find out


8. Fight

I've been with justin for 5 months now and it's been great. He treats me like a queen. If you couldn't note the sarcasm I was being sarcastic. It's horrible. We fight almost everyday over the littlest things. If I say good morning it's a problem. I honestly don't know what to do. Today justin has a concert so I thought I was gonna go out with my friend chad. Justin gets mad when we hang out even though chads gay. And when I say gay I mean GAY like he pretends to dress like a girl and justin gets mad. He's like my brother. 


I woke up with Justin's arms wrapped around my waist. He planted a kiss on my shoulder. I smiled softly at him and got up and brushed my teeth. Last night was my birthday so things got heated between Justin and I if you know what I mean. I put on Justin's Toronto maple leafs jersey and his sweats I pulled my hair into a bun and walked downstairs to make breakfast. I noticed the time and it was 3:00. Justin's concert was at 4:00. I finished making breakfast and made justin a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. I went upstairs and saw justin about to leave. He came up to me and kissed me.

J- I love you baby

K- I love you too J. Have fun good luck. 

J- Are you sure you don't wanna come? 

K- Yea. He kissed my head and grabbed his sandwich and headed out the front door. Once he left I called chad, Gabrielle and her boyfriend Christian and chads boyfriend Dylan. 

----------2 hours later 

Chad, Dylan, gab, and Chris went to the mall and got some Starbucks. We went shopping for clothes and shoes. I was now home and waiting for justin to get home. 

J- I'm home baby. 

K- I ran up to him and kissed him. 

J- I missed you today. 

K- I missed you too baby. 

J- what did you do while I was gone. 

K- I went to get Starbucks with friends and shopping. 

J- Chad? 

K- Yea and his boyfriend Dylan and gab and her boyfriend. 

J- You know I don't like you hanging out with him. He could steal you from me. 

K- J he's Gay !!! He has a boyfriend why would he steal me. 

J- You are mine though. 

K- I'm not yours I'm your girlfriend. You don't own me. 

His face got red and his naturally hazel brown eyes turned dark. 

J- You are acting like a bitch you know that. 

At this point I wasn't even mad. I was broken. He knows that my dad called me that. He knows people call me names and he just became one of them. Tears were forming in my eyes. 

K- You know what justin. Fuck you! You know I get called names an you do it. I'm done all we do is fight. I'm done I don't need this shit. I fucking wish I never met you. Justin's face immediately turned soft. 

J- Baby I'm so- 

k- No! Save it. 

I ran upstairs and packed some of my clothes. I packed my charger and some supplies. I ran downstairs and saw justin crying on the sofa. I walked past him and called chad, 

K- Hey chad. Yea can I come over. Thanks. I'm done for good. Yea thanks can you pick me up. Thanks by. Justin looked at me and cried harder. 

J- Baby I'm sorry please don't leave. I'm afraid of losing you that's why I argue with you. I'm sorry please don't leave me. 

K- Justin I can't do this I'll be back for the rest of my stuff tomorrow, goodbye I love you. I walked out the door and got in chads car. I looked out the window and saw justin. When we got to the house paparazzi were there. 

Pap1: Is this your boyfriend. 

Pap2: Did you and justin split? 

K- No this isn't my boyfriend he gay and he's my best friend. And yes justin and I are done. He's all yours now. We walked in the house and sat down. I saw Dylan and gave him a hug and he kissed my for head. He walked over to chad and kissed him. I guess this is the end of Justin and I. 

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