Life saver

Kimberly is a very insecure girl. She cuts herself and always calls here self fat. One day she feels she's had enough. She goes to a bridge. Just then the famous justin bieber shows up and saves her.
Will she fall for him?
Read to find out


2. Beautiful ?

We walked into the elevator and we waited. We got to his room and his sat me down on his bed. 

He went to a mini fridge and got me a bottle of water. 

Justin- So tell me why were you on the bridge this late. 

I didn't know what to say to him. 

K- I just don't fell enough for people. The only thing that made me feel special was you. Your songs and everything. My dad abuses me ever since my mom died. My brother moved away so no one can protect me. And at my school every one bullies me. I thought why not end my pain why not end every ones misery and die. I looked down and justin lifted my chin. 

J- Why would you even think that. You are beautiful. 

K- Beautiful ? 

J- Yes you are and no one should say you aren't.  I couldn't believe my ears. He called me beautiful even though I'm not. It was now 3:00 in the morning and I had to go home before my dad wakes up. 

K- Justin I have to go now. 

J- Can I at least have your number.? I smiled and wrote my number on his hand. I headed out the hotel and called a cab to my house. I walked in and luckily my dad was still asleep. I snuck up to my bedroom and laid on my bed. All I can think about is Justin. I was shaken out of my thoughts when my phone vibrated. 

From- Justin❤️~ I can't get you out of my head. 

To- Justin❤️~ Aww same. 

From- Justin- ❤️~ I was hoping I could take you on a picnic in Central Park tomorrow. What do you say ? 

To- Justin❤️~ I would love to. 😘 

From-Justin❤️- I'll pick you up at 3:00 and you never told me your name😉

To-Justin❤️ It's Kimberly. My dad is waking up now I have to go goodnight Justin😘❤️ 

From- Justin❤️ Good night beautiful. I put my phone down and stared at the ceiling. I can't get this boy out of my mind. 

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