In the year 2050, there is a brand new type of game. It is a virtual reality. John is one of the many people playing this game, and one of the few that know of its secrets. (This is my first Movella, so it's not perfect!) (It is also a WIP Movella, so keep checking for new chapters!)


2. The Line

"I feel like playing the Jepordy theme song right about now." groaned Sarah.

Sarah was John's technical best friend, even though she was his only friend. John checked his watch once again. 7:29. One minute until the store opens. One minute until the gaming sensation goes public. One minute before the swarm of people enters the store straight for the game aisle.

"Oh boy." sighed John.

"What?" replied Sarah.

"I forgot about the swarm of people, willing to do anything to get the game." said John. Then there was a very loud scream.

"It's OPEN!!"

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