In the year 2050, there is a brand new type of game. It is a virtual reality. John is one of the many people playing this game, and one of the few that know of its secrets. (This is my first Movella, so it's not perfect!) (It is also a WIP Movella, so keep checking for new chapters!)


10. Round 1

When John and Sarah got to where the first round of the tournament started were stopped by a crowd of other people doing last minute sign-ups for the tournament. It already reminded him of his "wonderful" experience at the store.

After bumping, squeezing and shoving their way out of the crowd, John was surrounded by the names of all the players that were signed up for the the tournament and what tournament they were signed up for. They were all in a large circle around a huge gold I in the middle of the room. There were so many names that John was surprised that so many people had the game already, and a lot hadn't signed up for the tournament.

John was exploring the room, which was much bigger than he had thought, when he stumbled across a rather large portal to the certain tournament he was signed up for. He was relieved that he didn't have to find his name in the large span of others.

"The portal is going to be closing in 5 minutes! Get over here!" yelled John. Sarah started to ran over to the portal next to John. "Ready? said Sarah, 1, 2, 3, go!"

In a flash of light John and Sarah were transported the room where the tournament started.

John was the second to last person to enter the area where the players started. Several people were doing stretches, others were standing there waiting for the tournament to start, and one person was taking a "selfie" (Ha! I said selfie! Am I cool now?) by the portal.

"Easy pickings." John thought to himself.

"Hello again gamers and non-gamers alike! Welcome to the very first round of the first InterNets tournament! In this very special first round we will be having a nice, friendly, air-bike race. With turbo-engines. And weapons."

The mention of weapons piqued several people's, including John's, interest.

"There will be several sets of weapon pickups scattered across the race track. They will be in a wood crate, and you ram into them to get the item. I'm not taking the liberty to tell you what the items are, that's for you to figure out. But I will tell you one thing. Some of them are explosive."

With those words the platforms under everybody disappeared and they free fell into a large warehouse full of air-bikes. There were air-bikes lining the walls and and placed in the middle in an orderly fashion.

John was quickly scanning through the seemingly endless rows of air-bikes when he saw a black bike with gold stripes. It had a dual tailpipe and best of all, a butt warmer (oh yeah!). He hopped on, not entirely knowing how to drive it, he accelerated a little too quickly jolting his body forward. Once he regained his composure he accelerated with a little less force towards a large door that led to the starting line.

He was greeted by a large scenic view of a large city filled with buildings wrapped in smooth, neon blue lights. The sky was a pure black, only lit by a faint blue grid. The track was a blue light bridge, pulsating into a bright red color and back again.

A large holographic 3 came floating down from the "sky". It came down until it rested just above the starting line. It soon became a two and John started to grip the handles tighter and his hands began to sweat. It became a 1and he lurched forward on the bike and revved the engine. The pressure was on, this was the first round and he needed to win this to make his mark for the rest of this tournament. The seemingly long wait for the 1 to say Go was killing John as well as the rest of the players as well. And then, catching John by surprise it turned. Go!

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