In the year 2050, there is a brand new type of game. It is a virtual reality. John is one of the many people playing this game, and one of the few that know of its secrets. (This is my first Movella, so it's not perfect!) (It is also a WIP Movella, so keep checking for new chapters!)


9. Respawn

John jerked awake in his basement in front of his TV. He had almost forgot that the game makes the pain in real-life, but the pain and bruises in arm reminded him.

He stared at Sarah and noticed that the pupils in her eyes weren't there leaving pure white eyes. He shuddered and rubbed his eyes and looked at the clock. 8:37. He was glad that his parents enrolled him in an InterNets school so he didn't have to keep checking the time. (He will never have to leave! Ever! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, sometimes I act like that.). He groaned when he turned back to his TV and then pressed the respawn button.

The TV once again covered his vision and was thrown into another tunnel, this time green and with bits of binary code (1's and 0's) everywhere. There was a light at the end of the tunnel, (That sounds really morbid, jeez.) and he started hurdling towards it getting faster and faster. And then it suddenly stopped as he got back into the spawnpoint as Sarah spawned next to him.

"Hey, how was the rest of the game?" John asked. "Great! replied Sarah, You distracted the other archers and we all got really good shots and our other melee fighters fought the rest of the ground battle and we got them all down." Fireworks went off around a large sign floating around in the sky. "Tournament now!" Sarah read aloud. "Let's go!" John shouted.

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