In the year 2050, there is a brand new type of game. It is a virtual reality. John is one of the many people playing this game, and one of the few that know of its secrets. (This is my first Movella, so it's not perfect!) (It is also a WIP Movella, so keep checking for new chapters!)


3. In The Store

The crowd went from motionless to a rampage in two seconds. John and Sarah ran as fast as they could away from the crowd, but they kept getting swallowed by the crowd of desperate buyers and gamers. The door was so close, but it was so far away. John's skull was rattling with all the bumps and shoves by the blob of people. Then, they made it in. John thought that the bumping and crashing would stop once they got into the store, but alas, he was wrong. The bumping and shoving grew even worse. John had been to this store millions of times to buy other games. But this time, he could barely find his way to the game aisle. Finally, after what felt like hours of shaking, he made it. To the Arts and Crafts aisle.

"Wrong direction" stated Sarah. Books, produce, headphones, computers, video games! There it is, not 5 feet away, the game of the century, InterNets. Just waiting for him to pick it up, buy it, and bring it home. Why was he thinking about it while he could do it. All of a sudden there was a great pain in the back of his head.

"It's mine!" yelled a man that seemed to be in his mid-20's. He ran to the game as fast as he could. In the nick of time, he nabbed the game first. Out of the back of him; however, the man's arms shot out and grabbed the game.

"It's mine!" John yelled, but the man didn't listen. Instead of him letting go, which John hoped would happen, his grip got stronger. John however, was ready because he was highly doubtful that he would let go. He tugged with all his strength, but it was draining fast. He stepped back, and with all his dwindling strength, he lurched forward escaping from the man's grip and almost falling over. When he regained his balance, he ran as fast as he could towards the checkout, of which one line was surprisingly vacant at the time. He dove straight for the line, and with the man getting much closer than he was just before, he paid the 400 dollars the game, was handed the receipt, and he made a mad dash back to the parking lot. Sarah was ironically right behind him, also running back as fast as she could to the car. When they got back into the car, they both sighed with relief.

"Have a fun time shopping?" she said sarcastically.

"Not really." replied John with a smile.

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