In the year 2050, there is a brand new type of game. It is a virtual reality. John is one of the many people playing this game, and one of the few that know of its secrets. (This is my first Movella, so it's not perfect!) (It is also a WIP Movella, so keep checking for new chapters!)


8. Base Wars

As John and Sarah were searching around the area of the city, which was bigger than John had thought, they found an area labeled:



"It says it's fun," John reasoned out loud. "And we are friends, so we should go over there." "No der." replied Sarah.

They were walking on the path that the mini games were on and looking for games that sounded fun. "Hide and Seek?" John suggested. "Nah." Sarah replied quickly. "How about Cowboys and Indians?" John asked. "Nope." Sarah answered. "Here's a good one! Base Wars!" "That sounds like fun." agreed Sarah. "Let's go in." said John

When they got inside the building they saw a man sitting behind a small counter with a pen and a pad of paper. "Would you like to sign up for a game of Base Wars?" the man asked with little enthusiasm. "Yup!" John answered with pride. "Okay, sign up here." the man said with no more enthusiasm than before. He held out the pad of paper and the pen out at Sarah. "We're in luck!" she said with a little shout. "There are two spots left on he red team, so I signed us up on the red team." After Sarah finished the last letter in her name, a loud booming voice shouted out above. "Sixteen players have signed up for this round!" "This round will start in 15 seconds!" "Huh, no wait." John stated.

John and Sarah were teleported into a room where 6 other people were standing ready to go and fight. "Base Wars will now begin in 3!" the voice boomed, "2!" "1!" "Go!"

A big sign flashed in big letters:




"I picked the Archer pack." said Sarah. "I'm going to try the Ninja pack." John replied. John ran out of the spawn room to a balcony overlooking a castle where John assumed the Blue teams base was.

"I'm going to run as fast as I can towards the Blue base with my invisibility potion and start scaring the crap out of them by hitting them with my Katana (or sword, you people that don't know Asian weaponry) and when they come out, just make it rain fire arrows and kill everyone. Understand?" said John. "Make it rain!" replied Sarah with tons if enthusiasm.

"I'm going in." As soon as John finished his sentence he drank his invisibility potion and made a mad dash towards the Blue base. John made sure he didn't pull out his Katana until the last minute because the invisibility potion didn't work on the thing that he was holding. He was running along the courtyard in front of the Blue base when suddenly the person was shot down by an arrow point blank in the head. John heard a loud boom of a cannon. "Harvey2674 was shot by Hillary9 of the blue team! 7 members of the Red team remaining!"

After the final words of the voice John heard a girl yell "FIRE!". Arrows started to rain down from the balcony. Three cannons boomed in the air. "Three members of the blue team have been shot by arrows! 5 players from the blue team are left!" John saw two boys and two girls shooting arrows, and one of the girls was Sarah. John messaged Sarah and asked her what she was doing. "A bunch of people from the Blue team were running out from their base and I thought it was time for me to shoot at them." "Whatever. John sent back. I'm going to climb up to the top of the base instead." He was running now for a ledge near an opening where he was running for at first. He found a pair of sticky gloves in his pocket and put them on. He jumped up to the ledge and stuck on the building, the rest of his body slamming onto the wall. He started to climb, at first with trouble, but then with ease.

When he reached the top of the base he only had 30 seconds of invisibility left. Several archers were position on the balcony aiming and firing at the Red base. BOOM! The cannon fired out another shot. "Sarah5930 has been shot by Adam9937! 6 red players remaining!" No! John thought to himself. He had no one to back him up if he was found. He started to run towards the set of archers. He needed to act fast. He lunged out with his Katana and stabbed the person closest to him from behind. He fell and dissipated when he hit the ground. The archer next to the person that he had just killed noticed that John was there and fired her bow at him but missing him closely. His invisibility potion wore off. The rest of the archers noticed him and fired.

"John11947 has been shot by Hillary9! 5 red players remaining!"

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