In the year 2050, there is a brand new type of game. It is a virtual reality. John is one of the many people playing this game, and one of the few that know of its secrets. (This is my first Movella, so it's not perfect!) (It is also a WIP Movella, so keep checking for new chapters!)


1. Prolouge

"C'mon we have to get to the store early before the line is too long! Wake up! We have to get the InterNets game before it sells out!"

Stan was still sound asleep when all this early morning commotion was going on in his house. At least until his brother started shaking the heck out of him. He checked his calendar, June 29, the day InterNets came out. Excitedly, he leaped out of bed, and got dressed as fast as he could and checked his clock. 5:26! They were almost a half an hour late!

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