Dangerously In Love (16+) [Sequel]

{Warning; Explicit content, Graphic sex scenes, regular swearing} I'm now in love with Harry Styles, a pop star....I dated him before fame but he is changing. Will he turn in to something terrible or stay himself?
The crowd screamed, I ran up on stage with Harry. I was given a microphone. I sang with all of them and danced. Harry spun me around and kissed me.


4. Chapter 4

Sams POV

Harry hasn't returned yet. I reach over to my nightstand and get my phone. I had a text from Harry.

'Me and the boys are going on tour for 3 weeks and Calum, Ashton, and Michael are going to Australia to visit their family. Luke is staying because his parents are visiting Paris. I love you xx'

Great I'm going to be home alone for three weeks. I guess I can call Luke but I don't have his number. He has mine. I'll just call Harry and ask for it. When I was about to call Harry, my phone rang. It was Luke.


"Umm hey Sam."

"What's up." I smiled even if he can't see me.

"Can I come over please."

"Sure. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah everything go is okay. I'm just bored."

"Oh okay, well see you later. Byee!"

He hangs up. And I get up and realize I haven't taken a shower. I run into my closet and get a black tshirt, black ripped jeans, and my black converse. I take a quick shower and quickly get dressed.

I pull my hair into a high ponytail. I brush my teeth and go down stairs. I drink some milk and then there's a knock at the door. I go open it and see Luke.

I pull him inside before the paps get here. I give him a hug.

"So?" He looks at me and walk towards me. "You look hot." I look down. He puts his finger on my chin and makes me look at him.

He puts his hand on my hip. I don't stop him. I step closer. He leans in and kisses me. I put my hand in his hair. His tongue has a battle with mine. His hips are grinding against mine. We stop and look at each other.

I take his hand and walk him to my room. "Let's watch Frozen!" I clap my hands. I put on some sweat pants and put the movie on.

I sit as far from him as I can. He started singing along to Let It Go and I really wanted to sing but not with him. I rolled my eyes and sang along.

We laughed.

"You sing really good!"

I blush."No I don't."

"Yes, you do!"

I get up and walk towards the door. I hear his footsteps behind me. He puts his hand on the door. I turn around.

"Yes, you do."

He pins me up against the wall and kisses my neck. I push him off. I gasp. "Luke!"

He laughs. "Calm down babe."

I push him onto the bed and sit on top of him. I hold his hands down. "Luke I'm with Harry and I love him. This can't happen."

I get off him and open my door. I go downstairs and make some tea. He follows me.

"I'm sorry Sam."

"Don't be. I was being foolish. But hey it can happen!"

"Oh okay." He sits at the island we have in the kitchen. I get my cup of tea and sit down next to him. "Go get tea loser."

He gets up and I hear the door open. I walk over to the door to see who it is.


He has a cut on his lip. "Sam?"

I walk over. "Yeah?"

"I bite my lip to hard thinking about you."

I smile. "Kiss me you fool."

He pulls me into a kiss.

I hear something break In the kitchen. Me and Harry walk over.

"Sorry Sam I dropped my tea."

I walk over and help him. "It's okay. Here let me help."

I pick up a few pieces and throw them away. Harry just stands there.

"Why is he here." He clenches his fist.

I stand up. "He called to see if he can come over and I said yeah."

Luke played with his hands, he seems scared. Harry sighs, "Oh okay, I came back to get my t-shirt I left here."

I look down. "I'm wearing it but I'm wearing a tank."

I take off the shirt and hand it to him. He smiles. "Takes babe, well gotta run bye Luke."

He kisses me and leaves. I look at Luke and sigh.

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