Just a friend

Hi I'm amber and Hayes and nash are
My neighbors. I am always over and so is everyone else that is in the magcon family. It's like we're all related but Hayes, a bit more.(ps u changed all ages to 16 to make it less weird."


2. 2

Amber pov

When I got to the pool I jumped in and suddenly felt the chill of the water. Nobody except Hayes was in because the others were eating snacks in the kitchen. Hayes wrapped his arms me. Then he whispers " are you ok? You look cold." I immediately turn around and he kisses me. He picks me up by my thighs being sure to be careful and not breaking the kiss. He set me on the edge of the pool. And we kissed. I knew he liked me but not this much. But it dosent feel weird at all. "Wow." I heard nash. Hayes immediately breaks the kiss and I blush like crazy. My cheeks are like "sugar plums" is how they describe them so my blushing is noticeable. "What the hell were you doing?" He asked holding back a laugh. Then Cameron walked in."they were gettin it on." He said bursting out into laughter. "Hey nash your probably just jealous that she likes me." I blush more. Wow amber way to make it noticeable. "Is that so" I say turning around to face him. "Nope" he says innocently. "That's what I thought." I say laughing. Hayes looks at me and smirks . I swear he's the nicest guy on the planet. "So wanna hang out some time?" He says. "Ya" I say kissing him on the cheek and getting back in the water. We swim and talk and laugh ect. Then a long while later we get out and change. Then we all sit down In a circle formation. "Truth or dare?"asks Hayes. " strip truth or dare." Says nash. "Yep" I say popping the p. Nash first "Cameron I dare you to kiss mahogany. "Ewwww NO!!" Yells mahogany. "Well Ill be taking this off "he says pulling off his shirt. "My turn now" he says "Amber, truth or dare." He asks. "Truth" I say I'm known for dares but why not try something different. "Ok do you have a tattoo." He asks. "Uhhh well ya I guess." I say. "Of what" he asks and Hayes raises an eyebrow. I take off my shirt and lift my hair up its on my collar bone."It's music notes. It says I really like music." I say. But because it's a truth I have to take my shirt off so I do and Hayes smirks at me.

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