Just a friend

Hi I'm amber and Hayes and nash are
My neighbors. I am always over and so is everyone else that is in the magcon family. It's like we're all related but Hayes, a bit more.(ps u changed all ages to 16 to make it less weird."


1. 1

My house getting ready to go over to The Grier's house

Amber pov

I slipped on by black stringy bikini, threw on shorts and a crop top and walked down stairs. "You going over to Hayes house?." My mom asked. "Ya haven't you realized I have tons of fun there?" I say in my "duh tone" voice. I grab a towel my long board and sunglasses and ride to Hayes house. It's only a block away but it's always easier to ride and plus we always race.

Nash's pov

*knock knock knock*

I heard somebody at the door it's probably amber she always comes over but it's fine because because it's like she's my sister."Hey amber" I said and walk her in. I realized when she's over Hayes acts odd but it's probably because in genral he is weird. "Hey" she says back "um, where should I put my board?" She asked. "Anywheres fine" I respond. "WHO Wants TO go SWIMMING!!" Yells Hayes and she races cam to the pool. She does this every time.

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