Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Its about a girl named Cassiel and she is an angel and she has been thrown from the gates of heaven and her best friend Elijah is also angel and he was thrown from the gates of hell and they are put on the earth to take care of Cassiel's little sister Kat.


3. The Fall

Cassiel’s point of View:

She was hiding behind the dumpster, never intending to run home; someone grabbed her sister and took her into the alleyway.

She moved forward when she knew that she wouldn’t be spotted and hid behind a wall in the next alleyway and she saw who it was.

She gasped quietly as her sister and Elijah were looking very cosy up against the wall, his arms around her waist and her arms around his neck.

She felt a surge of emotion go through her, it was something she hadn't felt before but she knew exactly what she was feeling… Jealously…

She loved him and he was there with her sister.

Cassiel gasped and Elijah’s head turned to where Cassiel was standing

“Oh no…” he whispered and took off running after Cassiel

“Cassiel wait!” he yelled after her “please stop”

Cassiel came to a halt, she was trembling and the tears were falling down her face

“How could you do that to me….you knew what you meant to me…” she whispered

“It wasn’t what you think, Cassie!” He used the nickname that he only ever used when he was feeling affectionate towards her

“Then what was it?!” she screamed as she turned around “because it looked like you love her more than me!”

“I was going to take her home…you know…back up to the higher power of the’s why I had my arms around her like that…”

“Where is home for us now….anyway… is it up with the angels? For you and me;’s not. Cause we can’t go back unless they invite us back”

“But I can get back to a certain extent…….if im dropping off Kat…I can” he explained

“Fine…then take her home...” she said stiffly and she stormed off

“Jesus…What have I done? She’s going to get herself killed” Elijah mutters and runs after her

“Cassiel! Wait! Come with me….please”

She whirls around, her small frame shaking

“Okay” her face turned up into a small smile

She hadn’t completely forgiven him…but it was a start.

“Don’t think you’re forgiven…because you are far from it…” Cassiel Threatened and walked over to Kat.

“You touch him Kat…and I swear by the angel I’ll kill you. Got it?”


Kat nodded slowly and went to Elijah and got close to him for her to be lifted up.

Elijah unfurled his white-pearl wings and took off, while Cassiel unfurled her gold wings and took off after him

“God…it feels so good to use my wings again” She said

Cassiel reached the gates first but got shocked back away from the gates. The angels took Kat away from Elijah and pushed them both back down to earth.

“Great” Cassiel Grumbles “now they really hate us….i don’t see what we did wrong? So we went looking through an agency to find your dad…because we thought something different to what it actually was and they punish us forever”

“Cass…calm down…please” Elijah said softly as he brushed a stray hair away from Cassiel’s face and her face turned red as he did

“Eli…. Was all that stuff you said about you loving me true?” She whispered

Elijah just looked at her

“Yes it was true, but don’t worry, everything is under control. I promise you it is. We are going to be fine…im going to take care of you”


An automaton suddenly jumped out and scratched Cassiel’s Face making her face bleed and she screamed and fell to the ground and the Automaton sunk its teeth into her neck then disappeared.

Cassiel’s screams drop off and she starts to whimper as the pain spreads through her neck paralysing her. Elijah rushed to her side and touched her neck.

“Im so sorry Cass…im so sorry” he cried as he held her and Cassiel gasped as he touched her

“Just…keep Kat safe” she whispered

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