Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Its about a girl named Cassiel and she is an angel and she has been thrown from the gates of heaven and her best friend Elijah is also angel and he was thrown from the gates of hell and they are put on the earth to take care of Cassiel's little sister Kat.


2. The Descent From Hell Is Evil


Something or someone stepped in their path and Cassiel swerved and went tumbling through the woods as the car spun out of control and it came to a crashing halt on the head of the car. Cassiel took one look at Elijah and used her extra strength to break out of the car and get Elijah out.

Cassiel smelt blood and smoke in the air and ran off. It took Elijah a minute to realise why…it reminded her of that day.

Elijah jumped as high as the clouds over the tree log

Elijah hit the ground hard, landing on the ground in a crouch

Elijah straightened up and ran as hard as he can.

The clouds seemed blacker than what they were; they looked very dark and ominous like a raging king yelling at his servants.

The rain pouring down in sheets, slid off the leaves of the trees.

He came out into a patch of sun where she was waiting, her hair in a ponytail; facing away from him.

"Cassiel?" he said she turned around, an angelic smile plastered on her face

“Do you remember this place, Elijah?” she asked in her musical voice

He nodded slowly and wondered why she ran here

“I remember…this was the place…..that I first fell in love with you.” Cassiel said and looked at him

Elijah had not been facing her but quickly turned

“When… wait…you actually feel the same way?” he asked, his voice barely above a whisper

“of course I feel the same way….if I didn’t do you think I would have stuck around all these years to watch over you and make sure the Automatons didn’t try to take you when they realised they couldn’t get me” Cassiel said, as tears streamed down her face.

Elijah took one look at Cassiel and hugged her tightly

“Hey, it’s okay… Don’t cry. Please…baby, don’t cry.”

“It’s hard….not to…” she whimpers

“Shh….it’s okay…please…i promise you its fine….”

Cassiel started shaking and her skin turned ice cold.

“Cassiel, we need to go now…your freezing…they’re coming”

“You need to find Kat for me…please….ill run home…just go find her”

Elijah went to let Cassiel go but she was already gone.

He took off into a sprint running towards the town trying to find Kat, he ran down the slope where she generally can be found and he saw her, red hair blowing in the wind. Elijah pulled her into an alleyway.

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