Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Its about a girl named Cassiel and she is an angel and she has been thrown from the gates of heaven and her best friend Elijah is also angel and he was thrown from the gates of hell and they are put on the earth to take care of Cassiel's little sister Kat.


1. The Descent From Heaven is Easy


Cassiel sprinted as fast as she could away from the Automaton.

Cassiel weaved through the woods, the branches slapping her face as she ran.

Cassiel kicked out; hard as someone blocked her path and she realised that she was caught and she wasn’t going anywhere.

There was a rustle in the bushes as more and more of the automaton came around, the air was being filled with a harsh stench of their rotting flesh.

The sky was turning a grey-green colour and the clouds were outlined in an ominous black.

She turned around and looked up at the sky, silently praying that someone would find her and fast. She kicked out again and her foot connected with the Automaton, her combat boots, piercing its skin and black, oozy liquid squirted out from it. The moment her foot connected with the demon, it exploded in a shower of ichor and guts.

"Ugh…not my new boots" she said with disdain.

She turned around and walked back towards the town, her jacket covered in blood when she came into a clearing where there is a patch of sun illuminating a person, a boy to be more specific was facing away from her. The boy looked familiar

"Elijah?" She said, her voice as melodic as an angels' harp

"Oh hey" Elijah said softly, as he turned around to face her, smiling.

"What are you doing here? It's shouldn’t be here…" she said, her voice raising an octave

Elijah looked at her like she was crazy

"Then why are you here Cass?!" he said as he came over and placed a hand on her cheek "please...go...if it’s dangerous then go…."

"No" she said her voice trembled "I won’t leave you here for them to find you….we've been on the run for years...Elijah….I don’t want to run tired of running...but I suppose we have to..."

Elijah looked at me and pulled me into a tight embrace

"We'll get a train to LA, they'll lose the trail. And we will be safe again" he said, strongly, but she knew that he was just as scared as what she was


*                                        *                          *                      *


"It’s your own sent that signal to you will face a life of running and hiding until we finish you off" said the Automaton cruelly, taunting them to come out of their hiding places


Cassiel and Elijah were hiding in a dumpster and they could faintly make out what the automaton was saying. Cassiel start to hyperventilate softly as she knew that they would run and might not make it out alive

"Shh...It’s okay" Elijah said as he held her "It’s're okay….you're okay"

Cassiel leaned up and whispered something in his ear and he started to sing the Lullaby that Cassiel always listened to as a child

"I can’t believe you remember that Elijah…." Cassiel whispered "I always listened to that as a kid…."

Elijah put his forehead against Cassiel’ head

"Of course I remember… you listened to that every time I stayed the night at your house to help you sleep" Elijah said roughly

The roof to the dumpster opened and the automaton reached in and pulled out a screaming Cassiel

Elijah jumped up

"Let her go!" he yelled


*                          *                         *                        *                  *                *      


"Cassie…" Elijah whispered "you'll be fine...i won’t let anything happen to know that…"

“It’s just….after….that incident….i….i don’t know” Cassiel said into Elijah’s shoulder

A low growl nearby pulled them out of their world and Elijah grabs Cassiel’s hand and pulls her along with him as their feet pound against the marsh hard, the growl gets closer.

“I can’t keep running Elijah…..I won’t make it…” Cassiel says breathlessly

Elijah stops and picks Cassiel up and keeps running

“You should of left me… slowing us down…we can’t escape from them” She said, her voice barely above a whisper

“No” Elijah said firmly “I couldn’t do that…..not after all you’ve done for me anyway”

“Why? Cassiel whispered roughly

“B-because I love you” he said softly

He realises what he has said and takes off running again until they reach town, he then puts Cassiel down and they run faster than they ever have before, they reached Cassiel’s car and got in.

She stepped on the gas pedal hard and they sped off down the road quickly and away from the automatons

“I think…..we lost them” Elijah said while staring out the darkly tinted windows.

“Gee….you think? God…it’s too dangerous for you to be with me Elijah… I can’t risk it…its way too risky”

Elijah just looked at her, but said nothing as she drove away.




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