It was on a Monday in the late afternoon when my life turned completely upside down. I had the perfect life. I went to the perfect school, I was cheer captain, I had the perfect friends and the perfect boyfriend. I was on cloud nine. Until suddenly my parents ruined my sunny day with there storm of news. My life as I new it, had been washed away with those two little words. "We're Moving."


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

If that’s what he thinks going to happen when we get wherever we're going, he's got another thing coming.


 After about half an hour more of riding in the car I finally fell asleep. When I woke I had no idea where I was. From what I could gather I was at a really nice motel with Justin's arms wrapped around me and no sign of the others. Then again it looked like we were in a bedroom and it was dark so I couldn’t see the rest of the motel. I sat there for a moment when suddenly I heard a loud crack and a band, a storm. I tensed up and then un-tensed when I felt Justin's strong arms squeeze me gently as if to assure me I was ok and safe, afterwards I went back to sleep.


"Babe," I heard Justin say as he lightly shook me.




"Happy one month anniversary Baby." He said softly followed by the warm presents of his warm plump lips.


"And happy one month to you too." I said through the kiss. "I can't believe you actually kept up with us."


"Why wouldn't I?" he asked with a confused expression on his face.


"Most boys don’t keep up with stuff like that.."


"And most boys don’t have a girlfriend as amazing, wonderful, beautiful,  gorgeous girlfriend that I do." he said kissing me once more.  "Now come on sleeping beauty and get ready I'm taking you out today."


I got out of bed and got my soap and stuff from my bag and went to the bathroom. I walked in turned the shower on and began to undress as I waited for my water to heat up. I looked up to the mirror to see if my tooth brush was on the counter or not when I caught a glimpse of my reflection. How could anyone love me? I began getting depressed as I remembered  how much I use to get bullied about my shape and size. I turned my attention to the running shower water. After testing it to see if the temperature was right, I got in.


After about five minutes I heard the door knob move.


 "Taken!" I Yelled as I continued washing my hair.


After a few minutes of messaging the shampoo into my hair, making sure it was clean, I heard the door knob move again.


"Taken!" I yelled a little louder.


Suddenly I felt a pair of arms slither around my waste. I immediately started to tense up until I looked down and seen the familiar BELIEVE tattoo.


"Justin what are you doing in here?" I asked as I covered up my body.


"Saving water by taking a shower with my baby girl, why are you hiding yourself?" he said trying to remove my hands.


"Because  I'm naked!" I tightened my grip around my self.


" I know and your beautiful" he said as he kissed me softly. He put his hands on mine and I let them remove then from my body hesitantly. "is that so bad?" he asked sarcastically as he took in the view of my body.


I laughed and resumed washing my hair when I felt  soft kisses on my neck. Then I felt his hands on my hips as he slowly made his way toward my thighs.


"What are you doing?" I asked turning to face him.


"Kissing my beautiful girlfriend." He said as he went to kiss me again. I kissed back and before I new it we were on our way to a heated make out session.


"Justin stop, we're never going to finish or shower if you keep doing that." I said laughing as I pushed him away.


"fine" he said and then reached for the conditioner.


"What are you doing?"


"Washing your hair." he answered  blankly as he began rubbing the conditioner through my hair.


After he had rinsed all my hair he washed my back all the way down my legs and was beginning to wash my front.


I stopped him. "Are you sure you can handle yourself?" I asked knowing how he was.


"I'll be fine." he said and smirked. "trust me."


He began washing my chest then he made his way down my stomach. He was about to go down further when he stopped and looked up at me. I simply shook my head knowing what he wanted. He kept going and when he was finished I grabbed his body wash to wash him when he stopped me. I gave him a confused look.


"you can control yourself, but I can't." he laughed and began washing his chest.


 After he washed his front I washed his back, placing small kisses on his neck from time to time.  After we got out of the shower I walked out of the bathroom with my towel rapped around me and searched for clothes. I found a cute laid back outfit and began getting dressed. Right as I was pulling my shirt of my head Justin walked out the bathroom, fully dressed. He walked over to me and rapped his arms around me.


"We should shower together all the time now." he said as he kissed me.


"haha your funny, you know that."


"How am I funny?" he asked following me as I walked back toward the bathroom.


"You just are." I said and reached for my make up bag to get my eye liner.


Justin just stood there for a minute, watching me as I applied my foundation. Followed by eye liner, mascara and lip gloss.


"Why are you just standing there?" I asked putting on my finishing touches.


"I'm trying to figure out why you where that stuff."


"What, make up?"


"Yeah. It covers up your natural beauty."


"Well my 'natural beauty' isn't very beautiful." I said and went to walk out before he stopped me.


"Why do you think that?"


"I don’t know, I just do I guess." I shrugged not wanting to bring up the days I was bullied in middle school and beginning of high school.


"I know that’s not the reason Kaitlyn, but I won't make you tell me until your ready." he said kissing my forehead then letting me by.


As we exited the bedroom I found Dilyn and Chaz cuddling on the couch. I covered Justin's mouth to keep him from laughing and took a picture with my phone. I looked at Justin and he nodded, knowing what I was thinking.








 "HEYYYY!!" we yelled as we jumped on top of them.


"what.. The----" Dilyn began


"Fuck!!" Chaz finished for him.  "what was that for?"


"Oh I figured that the sleeping couple needed to get up." Justin said laughing.


"What are you talking a--" Chaz began but stopped as I showed him the newest addition of my photo gallery.


"You better DELETE that!!" they said together.


"ok." I began


"its already on instagram and twitter sooo.." Justin finished laughing.


Both of then instantly checked there accounts and sure enough Justin posted the picture of them with the caption. 'obviouse bromance.'


Chaz went to say something but Justin began first. "Well if you'll excuse us, I have a wonderful date planned for my baby girl today so we're heading out. Have fun guys. " Justin said winking.


Just as we we're closing the hotel door I heard Chaz yell "don’t forget to use a plastic when you tap it!"


Out of reaction my middle finger flew into the air and Justin just laughed.


Once we exited the hotel and were in his car I started to wonder what was planned today.


"where are we going?" I asked.


"It’s a surprise."

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