It was on a Monday in the late afternoon when my life turned completely upside down. I had the perfect life. I went to the perfect school, I was cheer captain, I had the perfect friends and the perfect boyfriend. I was on cloud nine. Until suddenly my parents ruined my sunny day with there storm of news. My life as I new it, had been washed away with those two little words. "We're Moving."


7. Chapter 7

with every passing second I was even more happy we moved.


Its been three days since my surprise news about Josh and Justin hasn’t left my side. He said he's afraid I'll do something bad without him here 'protecting' me.


"Kaitlyn." I heard a course voice say. "Kaitlyn your phones ringing, want me to get it." Justin asked and then I heard the familiar Eminem song coming from my phone.. Josh was calling.


"Yes please, and I'm not here okay?" I said rolling over and pretended to go back to sleep.


"Hello?" I heard Justin say unsure of what to expect. Justin new that I was upset over Josh but didn’t no why and I wanted to keep it like that. Whenever he would ask I'd pretend to be to tired to talk or that it hurt to much to tell, which wasn’t exactly a lie, but wasn’t exactly the truth either.

"Does it matter who this is?" I heard Justin say again into the phone. There was a pause, I'm assuming Josh was answering, then Justin got angry. "Look, you need to stop calling. She's not here and even if she was she doesn't want to talk to you. You had your chance with her and you ruined. Now you need to back off because she's my girl now and unlike you I cherish her and I will do anything to protect her from dickheads like you. Now fuck off!"


Then the phone was laid back on the night stand and his arms were once again around me. He was stroking my hair as I enjoyed the comfortable silence when it was suddenly irrupted with the sound of Justin's still course voice.


"So what happened with you and Josh?"


"Well.." I said not wanting to answer.


"I know that he's and ex boyfriend but why all of a sudden start calling the day I came over?"


"Promise you won't get mad?"




"Josh was my boyfriend when I moved up here and we just broke up the day you came over because Cassie, one of my friends, texted me and picture of him and my suppose to be best friend in bed together saying 'I thought you should no.' so he keeps calling to 'explain' but if you ask me there is nothing to explain. He cheated. Point blank. But it doesn't matter now," I said looking up at him trying to figure out if he was mad that I had a boyfriend when we kissed but I didn’t see anger at all. "It doesn’t matter now because I have you."


I was about to look back down when I felt warm lips against mine. He leaned back.


"and do I have you?" he asked with a smile.


I kissed him softly.


"I take that as a yes." he smiled as I laughed and kissed him again. His lips moved against mine and gave me a feeling of butterflies that I never got with Josh. Josh's kisses were rough and hungry but Justin's are sweet and gentle. Like I'm fragile and might break. I climbed over Justin to where I was now straddling him and I felt him smile into kiss, I did as well. He rubbed his hands up and down my legs and back as wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled at the ends of his hair.


"You no your hair is really soft?" I said pulling away. He looked at me with a confused face and began to laugh.


"You stopped that amazing kiss to tell me my hair was soft." he said laughing. I felt myself blush and looked down. I went back to laying beside him and hid my face. I was embarrassed.


"Hey. Kaitlyn. I didn't mean to make it seem like I was laughing at you. I'm just not used to being told my hair is soft." he said kissing my cheek which was still hot from my embarrassment. I ducked my head down even more. "Don’t do that." he said earning a confused look from me. "You're to beautiful to hide that face."


I chuckled and he kissed me again. I kissed back and before I new it we were in the same position except more intense. Justin began trailing kiss down my neck and I could feel his warm lips leaving wet sloppy kisses down my neck toward my breast. I began to grind my lower half against him. He looked at me and smashed his lips to mine again, except this time hungrier, but in a good way. His hand traveled to my lower area and began getting closer and closer to my pants button. I knew where this was leading.


"Justin." I said pushing him a little.


He went back to what he was doing.


"Justin stop!" I said getting off him.


"I'm sorry. I just got carried away." he said running his hand through his hair.


"Its okay." I smiled laying back beside him.


"No. No its not. You just got out of a relationship. I know your not ready for anything like that. I respect you more than to do that to you."


"Thanks." I smiled looking down.


It was quiet for a moment as he ran his fingers through my hair.


"So Justin, does this mean we're together?" I asked twirling a piece of hair around my finger.


He kissed me softly. "Sure does baby."


That’s when my mother poked her head into the door smiling.


"Its about time," she said smiling. "Now come on. Dinners ready."


As we headed toward the dinning area I couldn’t help but think that this time, things will be different. 

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