It was on a Monday in the late afternoon when my life turned completely upside down. I had the perfect life. I went to the perfect school, I was cheer captain, I had the perfect friends and the perfect boyfriend. I was on cloud nine. Until suddenly my parents ruined my sunny day with there storm of news. My life as I new it, had been washed away with those two little words. "We're Moving."


5. Chapter 5

Whatever it is, I guess there is a lot about this school I still don’t understand..


It's been another week and the school and its still the same other than the fact that because of a new school rule, we have gym everyday for 60 minutes. We still have five classes but they turned science and history into a flex class, meaning on certain days you have one subject then other days you have the other and on Friday you have both. One for the first half and the second for the second half. It sounds confusing but I've gotten use to it. Anyways, The bitch squad (as Kat, Kelsey, and I call them) still call me names but only behind my back. They jumped me the other day. Well, attempted to. They had me cornered against the locker room wall after I had taken my medicine for my knee, which made me kind of tired and week, and they were hitting me and they lead girl, Kacey, drew back to hit me when that Justin kid came out of no where and told them they had three seconds to get there nasty asses out of there before it turned bad. They looked petrified and honestly, I didn’t blame them. The natural caramel hazel colored eyes he had were black, like dark black. You could see the anger and rage building in his eyes. I was even scared a little and I was the one he was protecting. The thing was, was that once they left, he turned around to help me and make sure I was okay and his eyes had gone back from the deep scary ones to his original. I searched his eyes looking for any sign of anger and all I seen was worry. After I said I was fine he helped me to my class and ever since, he is always near me. Like a pedophile when he finds a new girl to have, but he doesn't follow me in a crazy way, it's more of … protective.






"KAITLYN!" Kat and Kelsey screamed at the same time.


"What?" I asked confused when I suddenly ran into the wall.


"T-that’s w-what." Kat said stuttering as she laughed with Kelsey.


"We were trying to warn you but you were in Kaitlyn World again." Kelsey said as she calmed down from her laughing attack.


"What were you thinking about anyways?"


"Nothing, just my old school." I said trying to sound convincing.


"She was probably thinking about Justinnnn." Kelsey teased.


"Was not." Lie


"Oh, Please." Kelsey began


"We no you have a thing for him." Kat finished.




"Well we will have to talk later. We're (I directed at Kat) late for gym." I said. "and this time don't leave me."


They new about them trying to jump me but not about Justin stopping it. I told her Coach K walked in.


As we were almost to the gym doors I seen Justin. He was standing by the janitors closet near the girls bathroom. He

 pointed at me and told me to come to him.


"Hey Kat.. I have to uh, use the restroom."


"Okay, I'll tell Coach." She walked away from me and around the corner towards the girls locker room.


I walked over to Justin with a confused look. Why did he want me?


"Hey.." he said quietly.


"Hi?" I said not meaning for it to sound like a question.


It was quiet for a few minutes.. Awkwardly quiet.


"So, um, did you need something or can I go back to class?"


"No," he said kind of loud making me flinch. "I didn’t mean to scare you. I wanted to talk to you."


"Its okay, what did you want to talk about?"


He thought  for a moment. "What's you name?"


"My name?" he nodded. "Kaitlyn.."


"That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." he said


I looked down trying to hide my blush, it wasn’t often I was complemented. "Thanks."


He placed his finger under my chin and cupped my face. "Don't hide you face, you look cute when you blush."


His eyes looked from my lips to my eyes. He began leaning in He stopped and looked at me, asking if it was okay. I didn’t move. He was so close I could feel his cool breath against my lips. Time felt as if was paused. I was frozen. I couldn’t move, not that I would've.


"Kaitlyn!" I heard Kat yell from down the hall. She couldn’t see us.


Our lips were about to connect when I found my voice to speak up. "I-I have to go.. I see you later." I said and walked away making it look as if I came out of the bathroom. I looked back once and saw Justin standing there. I looked at Kat. "Coming." I yelled. I looked back again to find him gone.


"I was starting to think you got lost." she said as I came around the corner.


I laughed. "Nope I was just looking at the posters on the walls. Come on lets go, Coach K is probably mad already."


We walked into the gym and all I could think about was Justin. I almost cheated on my boyfriend.. Oh my gosh, Josh! I felt terrible.



After gym we walked to the lunch room for lunch. We were almost there when I felt myself being yanked in another direction and a hand was put over my mouth. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in the janitors closet.. Again.


"Its just me." I heard a familiar voice say. Justin.


"You scared the shit out of me! What in the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled/ whispered.


"I'm sorry. I wanted to see you but I couldn’t get you attention."


"Its okay, just next time. Don’t make me think I'm being kidnapped." I laughed and I heard him chuckle.


"So Ju-." I began then I remembered he never TOLD me his name. "What's you name again." I said playing it off.


"Justin. But you can call me anything you'd like."


"Okay well Jay," he smiled at the nickname I had just given him. "why did you kidnap me and hide me in a closet." I said making him laugh.


"I wanted to do this." He said and suddenly I felt his warm lips against mine. He pulled away and looked at me. I smiled and he kissed me again, this time kissing back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. Time was frozen again and my stomach had more fireworks than the fourth of July. It was like we were the only people in the world. We both pulled away.


"uh.." was all I could say.


"Come on," he said. "We're late for lunch." he grabbed my hand and lead me out the closet.


"What if people see us together?" I asked right before we were going to walk through the cafeteria doors.


"They see us, it doesn’t matter. They wont do anything."


We walked through the doors and almost instantly every eye was on us. Kelsey and Kat looked at me and smiled. It was then I realized we were still holding hands.


"slut." I heard one person say.


"Whore." another screamed.


"skank."  said another.


I knew those voices. It was "The Bitch Squad". Justin sent them a death stare and they instantly went quiet. We walked through the line and when I turned to go sit with Kelsey and Kat, he pulled me to his table.


"Where are we going?" I asked.


"My table."


"What about Kelsey and Kat?" I asked. He looked at me confused. "My friends." I answered his unasked question.


"They’ll be fine."


I looked at them and they smiled and told me to go. I reluctantly followed Justin. This is going to be awkward.



Okay so thank you guys for reading my story and I hope your enjoying it.


What do you guys think of Kaitlyn?

Will she tell Josh about her and Justin kissing?

Will Justin flip out?

What do Kat and Kelsey thing?

Are Justin and Kaitlyn dating now or will they soon?


All of these questions and more will be answered in Chapter 6. 

Which luckily for ya'll I've already started writing.

Again thank you so much for reading my story. Don't forget to..





Thanks so much! I love you guys!


- Cheyenne

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