It was on a Monday in the late afternoon when my life turned completely upside down. I had the perfect life. I went to the perfect school, I was cheer captain, I had the perfect friends and the perfect boyfriend. I was on cloud nine. Until suddenly my parents ruined my sunny day with there storm of news. My life as I new it, had been washed away with those two little words. "We're Moving."


4. Chapter 4

I felt like I had known Kat for years. I could tell this would be the start of a beautiful friendship.


I've only been at this school for almost a week and I already fit in. All of my fears of them not liking me were for nothing. I mean every now and then I get the occasional "slut" or "whore" but its from that group themselves so I just laugh. I mainly only talk to Kat because I learned having to many friends can lead to betrayal but I also have Kasey who is in the three classes I don’t have with Kat. We all hand out together at lunch and luckily for me Kat and Kelsey have been friends for a while so nobody is a "third wheel". The only thing, or should I say one, that doesn’t make since is one boy. He's in all my classes and its like every time I look at him he's watching me. I've tried to let it go but its starting to make me feel unconfutable.


"Hey Kelsey, Who is that guy in our class?" I asked as we sat in our little group at lunch.


"Which class?" she said shoving salad in her mouth


"All of them, He's in all my classes actually."




"No, This guy has brown hair."




"No, He has brown eyes. Kyle has green."


"Oh Oh. Its Uh.. Justin!" Kat screamed excitedly.


"Justin? Are you sure?" I asked unsure


"Yeah, he has brown hair and eyes, tattoos, muscular, sags his pants." she said convincingly.


"Yeah, I know who that is." Kelsey said re-joining the conversation." Isn't he in some gang?"


"Yeah, The Kings." Kat said.


"How do you know that?"


"She's dating one of there enemys." Kelsey answered for her.


"Who Ryan?"




"Why are they enemys?"


"Because her boyfriend is in the only other big gang around here. The Vipers."


"Oh." I said taking in the information.




"But anyways." Kat began. "You should stay away from him. He's bad news and I'm not just saying that because of my boyfriend either.

I've seen what he is capable of and what he can do. He killed on of the Vipers good friends last week over a $20 drug deal. He goes hard core had pretty much no feelings and doesn't care how other people feel either. Remember the group of girls I said chase after the gang members?"


"Yeah." I said becoming interested in this Justin kid.


"He's the reason why. Not only is he in a gang but he's a player. He's had each of those girls in that crew over five times each. That’s why they dress like that. To draw his attention and anyone who they see him looking interested in they see as a threat and try to bully them until they leave the school."

*Beginning of FlashBack*


As I walked through the hall way singing Loyal by Jason Derulo in my head I felt myself bump into somebody.


"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hit you." I said looking up to see who I ran into. It was a boy. A few inches taller than me with brown hair and hazel eyes. From how hard I ran into him he seemed pretty buff and he had a sleeve tattoo. He was actually pretty cute.


"Next time watch where your--" he stopped mid sentence when he looked down at me. "It's okay. Um, here's your stuff."


"Thank you?" I said not meaning for it to be question.


"Your welcome, sorry for running into you." he said smiling. He had a gorgeous smile.


"Its okay."


"Well, I got to go. See you around." Then he walked away.


I didn't even get his name. All well, I thought as I continued to my next class.


"Look at the new whore." someone in a big group of girls yelled. It was the same group Kat told me about.


I continued walking.


"Hey Bitch!" another yelled


I ignored them


"Fucking slut I'm talking to you!" the first girl said as she ran up behind me.


I turned around and looked at her for a second. "Look, I don’t know who you are," I began. "or what your problem is but I do know that you have no right to speak to me like that. I don’t no you nor do I plan on getting to no you. So you need to just back off. The only "whores" and "sluts" around here is y'all. You walk around in your tight ass clothes hoping to get attention. You think that revealing yourself like that makes you beautiful? It doesn’t it makes you look easy and no guy will EVER respect you dressing like that. You'll be a hit it and run. And calling girls who DO have respect for themselves names, shows how low of a person you are. Now if you don't mind I have a class to attend." With that I waved goodbye and walked away.

 *end of Flashback*


That explains why those girls were mean to me that day.


"Kaitlyn, come on lunch is over. We have art!" Kelsey said snapping me back to reality.


I walked with her down the hall but I still couldn’t figure out how the guy they described as such a crewel person was so nice to me and why those girls seen ME as a threat. Whatever it is, I guess there is a lot about this school I still don’t understand..

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