It was on a Monday in the late afternoon when my life turned completely upside down. I had the perfect life. I went to the perfect school, I was cheer captain, I had the perfect friends and the perfect boyfriend. I was on cloud nine. Until suddenly my parents ruined my sunny day with there storm of news. My life as I new it, had been washed away with those two little words. "We're Moving."


13. Chapter 12

Man, that was a close call. Better be faster. Next time you might not be as lucky.


Justin's POV:


"Justin!!" I heard Kaitlyn yell. "Justin help!!"


"Baby where are you?"


"Justin! I can't breathe hurry!" I heard her yell again.


Where was I? I wondered through the halls as fast as I could looking through the endless amount of doors.








I ran to the end of the hall and found a stair case that I quickly leaped down.


"Justin help, Justin save me." I heard but it wasn’t her voice. It was a mocking voice.


"Fuck." I muttered under my breath as I turned around.


He was standing there just out of sight where I couldn’t get a good look at who it was. He has a recording in his hands and he pressed play.


"Justin!" played through the speakers. It was Kaitlyn's voice.


"Where the fuck is she?" I said through gritted teeth.


"Why don’t you take a look for yourself?" He said and pointed over toward a railing.


I slowly walked over afraid of what I would see. I peered over it and cringed at the sight they laid before me. My beautiful Kaitlyn was laying on bored that was floating in a pool of ice cold water. Her arms placed across her chest and her hair laid beautifully beside her. She looked gorgeous and for a moment I expected to see her eyes open and her speak to me. But then I noticed just how pale she was. Her lips were a cold blue. She had absolutely no color to her. My blood boiled as I looked at her one last time. I looked up him.


"What did you do to her?" I yelled.


"The same thing I'm going to do to you." I heard a click and felt something cold on my neck.




I shot up out of bed with sweat dripping down my face. What the hell. I thought. I looked around and I was in my room everything was normal. i looked over to see an empty space beside me. Kaitlyn.


"Kaitlyn. Babe where are you?" I yelled as she walked out the bathroom in a towel.


"Justin whats wrong?" She asked with genuine concern in her voice.


"Just a bad dream." I looked down. "I thought you were gone."


"I'm right here baby." She said and kissed me. I kissed back.


It was then my guy hormones kicked in as I realized that she was on just a towel.

I pulled away not wanting this to turn into something she wasn’t ready for. She gave me a confused look and pulled me to her. Taking me by surprise. She kissed me and this time I kissed back taking it further. I grabbed the bottom of her thighs and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around my bare torso. The towel still around her she bit my lip. I opened my mouth and instantly our tongues were at war. I back up on to the bed and laid her down gently never breaking the kiss. She slowly began to grind her lower half against me. I groaned in pleaser because of the fact I was only in boxers. Her hands traveled down my torso toward the waist band of my boxers. I pulled back and looked at her.


"Are you sure you want to do that?"


She kissed my lips and smiled. "Yes."

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