It All Changed

District 9. Grain. Watching the Hunger Games. Playing in the fields. Bedtime stories. Joey. Kiera. Maggie. Me. That all changed on reaping day. No it was just me and 23 other tributes who wouldn't mind me dead. Dead.
*cover by C.H. Potter*


2. Chapter 2

"Mom did Kiera stop home!" I asked trying to mask my scared tone.

"No honey... Why?" My mom said uncertainty.

I told her what happened in the field not daring to look up. There was silence... Suddenly the silence was filled with screaming. My heart stopped. Kiera. We ran outside and to the plaza. There was Kiera, she was bloody and a peacekeeper was standing behind her, whip in hand. I started to run to her aid but my mom held me back.

"Anna," she said her voice empty. "You have so much to live for. Stay here." And with that she walked in front of Kiera. "STOP!" Her voice boomed. "Stop! What did my daughter do?"

"She was running around, all alone, without a guardian. Are you her legal guardian?" I picked up Joey forcing him to the look the other direction and let Maggie hold my leg.

"Yes I am." My mom said confidently. "So you should be punishing me and not my daughter. Kiera go stand by Anna." She commanded. Kiera started to object but finally walked over to us head down, her shirt wet with fresh blood. I pulled her in with my free hand and we all squeezed together.

"Your right!" The peacemaker said in a matter-of-fact voice. "I should be punishing you. Come right here where everyone can see you!" She held her head high and kept her posture up.

"Punish me." She said. The peacemaker slowly pulled out a gun. My mom stood strong. He held up the gun, pointing it straight at her. Slowly he pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes, screaming. Our neighbor Nancy came over and took Maggie from my leg.

I did not like Nancy. I knew she didn't really care so I snapped at Kiera and Maggie still holding Joey. "We're going home!" My voice cracked and I had to wipe away tears.

We walked in silence.

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