It All Changed

District 9. Grain. Watching the Hunger Games. Playing in the fields. Bedtime stories. Joey. Kiera. Maggie. Me. That all changed on reaping day. No it was just me and 23 other tributes who wouldn't mind me dead. Dead.
*cover by C.H. Potter*


1. Chapter 1

"Tag your it!" Joey screamed. He was five and we were playing tag in the empty fields. Maggie kept falling and getting a mouthful of dirt, she would get up with a big grin anyways like most 3 year olds. And Kiera... Well she wasn't a very happy person to begin with so she sat under a big oak glaring at us. I don't know what happened to her, I think she is scared because she is turning 12.

I ran around the field spreading my arms to look like a airplane as I chased Joey. He stopped abruptly in front of Kiera and frowned like he had just realized she was upset.

"What's wrong Kiera?" I asked picking her up and swinging her around. She made herself dead weight and scowled pushing her short blonde hair out of her face. Maggie was by us now.

"Kiera. What's wrong, I like it when your happy!" Maggie said and crossed her arms. Kiera didn't know how to answer. I don't know how I would have answered.

"I'm going home." She grumbled. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Mom said you can't go anywhere without me!"

"I'm twelve I can do what I want, I don't need a stupid sixteen year old bossing me around." I looked at her. I am pretty sure my mouth was wide open.

"You come right here missy! We walk home together or we don't walk home at all!" I screamed. Maggie grabbed my leg and started sucking her thumb.

"I hate you Anna!" She screamed and stormed off.

"Joey, Maggie, we need to go, it's almost dinner." I tried to make it seem like we weren't following Kiera but I think Joey saw right through me. Maggie got in my back and Joey held my hand. We walked to slow to  keep an eye on Kiera so I decided to go straight home.


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