My Personal Angle

16 year old Clare Burton has been homeschooled for as long as she could remember. Until, now..... She is entering high school. Considering that she doesn't have very great social skills, she is going to need some serious help. In despereate need, she finds herself having the help of her own personel angel! With social skills worse than a person who has been living in a dark small room with no contact with another person, it's uncertain if she can even have the courage to talk to ANYONE! Can she? Or will she never be able to?


1. Too Unsociable

            "Why can't you be a social person?" Clare's father would always say to her. Clare has been homeschooled for as long as she can remember. She always wondered, why does her dad want her to be so social when she pretty much has never gotten the chance to talk to a kid her own age? Clare knows that this will and will always remain as a mystery. The thought of having a friend her age, and having a person with the same interests be with you a lot, seemed strange to her. Yet, unique! But, this time of being unsocial, and having no friends, would be over by tomorrow. Tomorrow would be her first day of real and actual school. Clare's father didn't care about how Clare felt with going to a real school. He wanted her to have better social skills. Clare would say "Dad, please. You have no idea how uncomfortable I feel going about going to school with real people. Please, I beg you Dad-."  "No! you need friends! You sound ridiculous right now! You are going to get no where in life if you're not even able to say a word to anyone!" her dad would say back. 


                Clare felt as if she had no voice. She didn't have a mom to help her with this either. Her mom died in a very deadly and violent car pile up when Clare was two years young. Clare sadly doesn't have the slightest bit of memory of her mom. Clare had no choice but to just be brave. She knew this wouldn't be an easy leap in life. It would be rather hard. The hardest she will have to experience. 


Clare will have to talk. Make friends. Stay out of bullies ways. Survive.... She had to make the impossible, possible. Every morning when Clare wakes up, the first thing she sees is a picture frame that says just one word. "Manage." Her dad says that that used to be her mom's favorite picture frame. Which is the reason why Clare now has it. 



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