This is my first Movella. So don't judge if it sucks. Ok so Niall never wanted to find love in America, but what happens when he meets Alondra a normal high school band geek. Alondra just got out of a relationship, and isn't looking for love, but when Niall comes in her life everything changes. But what about Alondra's best friend Toby. He tries to tell Alondra how he feels but does it back fire or not.Some of the words and references are either in Spanish or are Marching Band related.
Contains: Strong Language


12. Chapter 9

Summer came around and I was somewhat over Niall. "Alondra cheer up the 4th of July is tomorrow and your birthday is almost here." Toby said. "Yeah Alondra you can't just mope around anymore. Come on let's get fireworks for Friday." "Ok" We went and bought a ton of fireworks. "Guys this 4th of July is gonna be good." I said smiling. "Dude your smiling." Ciria said shocked. "I'm aware of that Ciria." "I think she's shocked cause you haven't smiled the past couple days or weeks." Toby said. "Look I'm not gonna let a breakup ruin the 4th of July for me." "Oh good cause I'm gonna invite Liam to the barbecue." Ciria said. "Go ahead. I don't care." "Yay!" Ciria squealed and ran off to call Liam. "So Toby gonna invite anyone?" "Come on you really think some girl will like me." "Aw Toby a lot of girls like you." "Name one." "Um...Jessie likes you." "She's my ex remember." "So" "So I'm not gonna invite her on Friday." "Well then I'm out of ideas." "We could always go together." "Toby now your just talking crazy shit, but I will go with you." "Really?! But just as friends right?" "Sure Toby just as friends." He hugged me and we walked off. But I felt like someone was watching us; I turned around and and nobody was there.

(A/N: I am so so so sorry for not updating in a long time but to make up for it here's two chapters and chapter 10 will be out tomorrow. )

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