This is my first Movella. So don't judge if it sucks. Ok so Niall never wanted to find love in America, but what happens when he meets Alondra a normal high school band geek. Alondra just got out of a relationship, and isn't looking for love, but when Niall comes in her life everything changes. But what about Alondra's best friend Toby. He tries to tell Alondra how he feels but does it back fire or not.Some of the words and references are either in Spanish or are Marching Band related.
Contains: Strong Language


11. Chapter 8

Alondra's POV

I woke up with a minor hangover. I laughed it of and reached over for my phone. 20 missed calls and texts from Niall. Oh shit I thought to myself. I texted Niall and in an instant my phone rings.

*on the phone*

"Niall" "Princess, why didn't you answer my calls or texts last night ?" "Babe, I'm sorry I was at the party and my phone was off." "Save it! Alondra I was worried about you." "Niall you didn't have to be I was with Toby." "Oh since Toby was there everything was fine!" Niall started to raise his voice. "Niall please calm down nothing happened between us." "How can I trust you?" "Because you just can." "I don't think I can anymore." "What are you saying?" "I'm sorry Alondra but I'm breaking up with you." "What?!?! Why?!?!" "You and Toby are honestly ment for each other." "Niall were just friends -" He cut me off. "'Just Friends' don't look at each other they way you and Toby do. I'm sorry Princess but I can't be in the way of you and Toby anymore." "Niall it doesn't have to be like this." I started to cry. "Bye Alondra ." "Niall wait -" He hung up. I can't believe it he broke up with me. I almost never came out of my room since then.

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