This is my first Movella. So don't judge if it sucks. Ok so Niall never wanted to find love in America, but what happens when he meets Alondra a normal high school band geek. Alondra just got out of a relationship, and isn't looking for love, but when Niall comes in her life everything changes. But what about Alondra's best friend Toby. He tries to tell Alondra how he feels but does it back fire or not.Some of the words and references are either in Spanish or are Marching Band related.
Contains: Strong Language


18. Chapter 15


Alondra's POV

As I walked into the campus I saw Toby. "Hey Alondra!" Toby yelled and made his way towards me. "H...hey Toby." "Why you so pale? You haven't been starving yourself have you?" (sorry if this comes of as an offense to any one) "No Toby." "Ok good." I grabbed my books and started to head to home room. I wanted to tell Toby that Conner had kissed me but I don't know. After my morning classes I decided to skip lunch and go to the courtyard. I check my phone to see if anyone texted. Niall: "hey babe I'm gonna t practice after lunch you might not see me. Oh and I can't wait for Friday. ;)" I sighed. "Yo Alondra." "Hey Ciria." I said trying to smile. "Why weren't you in the cafeteria?" "Oh I wasn't hungry." "Oh you sure." "Yeah." "Alondra I know something's up. I'm not your best friend for nothing now tell me." "Ciria it's nothing." "Fine I'll stop bugging you for today but-" "Conner kissed me!" I cut her off. "He what?!?" "He kissed me." "Did you tell Toby?" "No." "What about Niall?" "I can't tell Niall! He'll kill Conner and Toby." She sighed. "I don't know what to tell you Alondra I honesty don't." I felt a tear fall. "Maybe this is some kind of sign that me and Niall shouldn't be together." "Now that's just crazy shit right there. Look Alondra just tell Niall I promise you he won't get angry. Maybe a little pissed off but not angry." "How is it that you know exactly what to say and how to say it?" I asked. "Maybe because I have the worlds best friend who doubles as a therapist." I laugh at her comment. "Now come on we don't want to be late for band." She says. "Yeah before Miss. Avalos gets pissed at us."

(A/N: So how are y'all doing? Honesty I have no excuse why I didn't update but I hope this makes up for it. I'm mostly talking about my friends Adrian.

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