This is my first Movella. So don't judge if it sucks. Ok so Niall never wanted to find love in America, but what happens when he meets Alondra a normal high school band geek. Alondra just got out of a relationship, and isn't looking for love, but when Niall comes in her life everything changes. But what about Alondra's best friend Toby. He tries to tell Alondra how he feels but does it back fire or not.Some of the words and references are either in Spanish or are Marching Band related.
Contains: Strong Language


14. Chapter 11

Niall's POV

Alondra's birthday is tomorrow and I still don't know what I'm gonna get her. So I decide to call the one person who knows Alondra the most: Ciria. When she didn't answer her phone I was left with calling Toby.

-on phone with Toby-

"Hey Toby can you help me find a gift for Alondra?" "What Niall you haven't gotten her a gift yet?" "No can you please help me?" "Sure" Toby sighed. "Thank you"

Toby's POV

I was talking to my brothers, and Miranda Riley's girlfriend and Alondra's cousin when Niall called. God I fucking hate him. He stole Alondra from me that son of a bitch. After I hung up with him I texted him to meet me at the mall. When I got there I saw Niall. "Hey Toby." "Hey Niall" I said forcing a smile. "So Toby what do you think I should get my girlfriend?" I wanted to choke him. Alondra was supposed to be my girlfriend not Nialls. "Um what about a necklace?" "Yeah that sounds good." Damn it! I thought he wouldn't like that idea. I got her a necklace that says "T's Girl" on it. "Hey Toby should I put 'Ni's Princess' on it?" "Sure do what ever the hell you want." When I got home I ran to my room not wanting to let my brothers see me cry. I cried myself to sleep that night knowing that my best friend will be in the arms of another guy.

(A/N: hey guys sorry for not updating and I may or may not update tomorrow because it my birthday. I just want to know how are you guys liking to fanfic so far? Love you guys ~Alondra)

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