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1. prologue

He broke up with me. The guy I've been with for 6 months and I've been a dying mess. It's only a flipping Sunday and I got dumped, stubbed my toe and got yelled at by my mom because I forgot to tell her about a book report I already finished. But I'm glad that son of a butthole did end things with me.

He grew tired of waiting, but I just wasn't ready. I felt as if he would just leave me if I gave it to him. I was completely and utterly heartbroken, when he admitted his true feelings to me. Yet, the worst part was that he didn't even feel sorry. He said the worst gut-punching words a girl shouldn't ever have to hear.

If you can't give me what I want, then I'll go after someone who can.

His words burned a deep hole in my heart. He knows how I feel about my virginity. Once it's gone, it's gone. Something in my gut, just proposed he wasn't "the one".

You obviously don't love me enough to be your first. 

I just wasn't ready.

I'm not going to wait anymore.

Then, I guess it's over. And it was.

Believe it or not, but he was my first boyfriend and I'm a senior in high school. Yeah, sad right?

I wasn't the prettiest pickle in the jar. Until senior year, I suppose. Being a straight B student and showing witty and sarcastic attitudes all the time didn't get me a lot of friends. But I did make a couple friends. I don't have many guy friends since Zach wouldn't let me near guys.

I gotta get him out of my mind. He' is someone I need to get over. That dirty little fu-

"Abbie. Are you coming or what?" Danielle knocks then yells from outside my bedroom door. 

"Yeah. I'll be out in a second!" I yell back.

Just let me recollect my emotions that were spilled out on the floor from that heartless piece of poop. Then, I'lll be ready.

I'll be okay.


A/N - New story. Holla. Uh.. so yeah. I don't expect many readers because I'm not very popular in this community. But I hope a few people read this and enjoy it. My writing isn't the best but I have great ideas. Please vote and comment and all that stuff. I love you all. Have a great day/night. (:

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