I Don't Remember You

"One of the most heart-warming stories I have ever writen"

Dear Josh,
I want you to show this to .. first, then mom and dad. You know how hard it is for me to live with the struggle of not remembering things. Everyday they learn new things and I have to try and remember yesterday. .. I know how much you love me and I love you.. But we both know that we can't keep this going forever. I'm going to forget who you are & everyone else. I was put here to live a beautiful life, and I guess i've lived life long enough. I think god is trying to give me a sign, that life is beautiful and he dont want us to take things for granted. Live your own lives, &everytime you hear my name..I want you to smile.

Saying my good byes:
I'de like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done. I'de like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, Of happy times and laughing times. When you see me sleeping peacefully free from pain, I dont want to be wished back to suffer this again, I love yous..


3. Chapter 2:

{Aleah's P.O.V.} !!!Very Quick Chapter!!!

The next day her parents got onto the phone and called up Niall.


''Mom'', I said opening my eyes. ''No sweetie'', a nurse said. ''You're in the hospital.'' The nurse got me up and pulled my hair back into a pony tail. ''Come with me sweetie'', she said. We walked into an empty room with a table and chair. There was a guy standing in the corner with a tape recorder and then a doctor entered the room. ''Hi, Aleah goodmorning'', he said lifting a paper. I was a bit confused into why I was in the hospital but I didn't bother asking. I felt like I haven't seen Josh in days but then I felt like I was just with him. Josh entered the room. ''Josh.'' I said hugging him. He sat down beside me and then the nurse started talking. ''Okay so Aleah do you remember why your here'', she said staring into my eyes. ''No, all I can seem to remember is me and Josh get into his car and start driving to Los Angeles. Why can't I remeber anything?'' I asked curiously. ''The reason would be you have been diagnosed with short term memory lost, and thats the reason you can't remember you being in the hospital. But the reason you have memory lost and are here is because you and your brother got into one of the most worst car crashes in LA.'' she said. ''Josh is this true'', I turned and asked my brother. ''Yeah leah'', he said grabbing my hand. I started crying into my hands. ''It's alright hun, I know you don't remember that's not your falt.'' I was still crying, trying to find out why I couldn't remember even though they told me I have memory lost. ''So how long have I been like this,'' I said. It's been about 3 days now making today your 4th.'' The doctor in the room said. ''And what about tomorrow, I won't remember none of this'', I asked picking my head up out of my hands. ''Nope, you won't.'' the nurse said pausing. There was a knock at the door. I turned around and looked towards the door. The door opened and I think my jaw dropped. 

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