All I ever wanted to do was run away from it all the problems, the fears, the talk, everything! I couldn't take it anymore I had to leave!


2. more about me

Hi I'm grace and I'm 19. Thought I'd tell you more about me before you read about everything that's going on. Well when I was 10 my parents were killed in a car crash and I was living with my grandparents, but then they got sick and couldn't take care of me anymore. So they put me in a foster home. Didn't take long for me to get adopted after all I was only 11 at this point. At first I thought people were going to be great with me but then everything was horrible. They beat me abused, made me feel like I was gum on the bottom of their shoes! Hated it there! So finally all that was on my mind was running away I didn't do it for years but I did it now and that's really all that matters

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