Chance (a divergent story)

Hi, I'm Clara I have a HUGE secret! I live in Chicago now but I'm from over the fence. When I was finally excepted they let me join Amity. I preferred to be in dauntless but the test will tell me where I belong!

Hi, I'm Chloe and this is my first movella so sorry if it's not that good. This a Divergent story. I'd appreciate no hate! If you have any ideas please let me know!


4. the test part 2

I opened my eyes to see an empty room. I stood up and turned around to see a table. I walked towards it only for it to disappear. I backed up and hit something. I turned the other way and saw a mirror. When I touched it I saw a little girl. When I turned towards her she smiled. I smiled back, but the little girl looked scared. Before I could ask what was wrong, fire surrounded her. Someone told me to choose water or boots. I chose both because there was no one to say I couldn't so I put on the boots and quickly poured the water on the fire. Then I opened my eyes and I was back in the testing room. "Get up" she demanded "what?" "get up" "wait what were my results?" "divergent" I had heard of this. I didn't fit in a faction. "w-w-what?" "go home say you were sick" "and when I get asked about my results what do I say?" "Amity, that's what I typed in to the computer" "but-" "just go" and with that she slammed the door in my face.




 Sorry not the best chapter but, anyway like, read, comment, favorite.

                                                                                                         luv ya, Chloe

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