Chance (a divergent story)

Hi, I'm Clara I have a HUGE secret! I live in Chicago now but I'm from over the fence. When I was finally excepted they let me join Amity. I preferred to be in dauntless but the test will tell me where I belong!

Hi, I'm Chloe and this is my first movella so sorry if it's not that good. This a Divergent story. I'd appreciate no hate! If you have any ideas please let me know!


3. the test part 1

I could here the train coming. Then they jumped out. Dauntless! I needed to be in that faction! I just hope my test says the same thing as my head. Then the lines started moving. Next we were told about the faction system, the test, and the choosing ceremony. Finally we were in are testing rooms! "I'm Tori I'll be administering your test today." Said a woman dressed in black pants, tank top, and shoes. "Hello" I said shyly. "Sit down." She demanded "ok" I said quietly. "Drink this" she demanded again. I didn't really want to embarrass myself again so I just drank it. Then my eyes closed.

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