Chance (a divergent story)

Hi, I'm Clara I have a HUGE secret! I live in Chicago now but I'm from over the fence. When I was finally excepted they let me join Amity. I preferred to be in dauntless but the test will tell me where I belong!

Hi, I'm Chloe and this is my first movella so sorry if it's not that good. This a Divergent story. I'd appreciate no hate! If you have any ideas please let me know!


1. All I need is one chance!

Hi I'm Clara and I kind of got a huge secret! I'm from over the fence I'm in Chicago now but I can't tell anyone about what it was like over there. I was excepted into Amity. They didn't let me go to the choosing ceremony when I was 16 because I needed to learn about the faction system. I'm in my 20's now and I have to take the test today! I'm a little nervous I don't want to be stuck in amity. I want to be in Dauntless I know I could do it i'm good at climbing and running and throwing! My new family is great but I don't belong in Amity! All I need is one chance to get into Dauntless!

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