fake dating ( harry styles )

hey im ariel winter workman . yeah im an american actress 17 years old . mu best friends are zac efron and ross lynch i love them to death they are like my big brothers yeah thats all what you need to know about me now :) :D

yeah i hope you like i didnt write for a long period of timee so it might be bad fav and comment :) :D <33


2. chapter 2


 Lily pov : 

 Today was our first "date" according to the management words I just received a text from harry

 Saying that our date will be tonight at 7 pm at a fancy restaurant he was going pick me up at 6 :30 pm I actually wasnt looking forward for that date . Now its 2 pm I decided to text zac 

 Me:hey watcha doing 

 Zac: nothing so today is the date :pp

 Yeah I told him and Ross about my fake relationship with harry  

 Me :yeahh so excited (sarcasm)


 We kept talking for 2 hours now its 4 pm I better start getting ready 

 I took a shower . I decided to wear a short black tight dress  that fitted me perfectly I applied some mascara and a pink lip gloss . I grabbed my black heels and wear them . After I finished it was already 6 p I decided to text ross Till harry comes 


 Harry pov 

 TodAy was our date it was 4 pm I watching tv with the lads I have to go and pick lily at 6 :30 pm I met her once actually she is beautiful but we didn't talk I decided to start getting ready .


After I got ready it was 6 pm I decided to go pick her up I began driving till I reached her house I parked and ranged the bell she opened the door she was just wow


 Lily pov:

 I was texting ross tilk the bell rang I opened it here was the  one and the only harry styles "hi " "hi harry" "shall we go " "we shall" I smiled we went to his car "so wanna play 20 question To know each other""

 "Yeah okey" "fav colour" "blue your middle namee" "edward best friends" "zac efron and ross lynch"

"no girlfriends " 

 "Uhh noo "

"You should meet the lads girl friends you can have a girls day with them "

"Yeah sure" 

 Before I knew it we were at the restaurant 

 "Reserved under the name styles table for two"


 A cute guy came to us "hey im jack I will be your waiter tonight" 

He looked at me with a smile which I returned he leaded us to the table 

"What would you like to drink beautiful " I blushed 

"Just water"

"And you" he said to harry  with a cold expression 


"I will be right back" he gave me a wink I could tell that harry wasn't convinced by that waiter

" I dont like that waiter" he said once he left

"Why is that he is cute actually" I smirked he looked at me with shock

 "What you now I m your boyfriend" he smirked

"Fake"i corrected he huffed 

Our waiter came back with the drinks when he handed me my water he slipped a small paper in my hands and gave me a wink im sure harry noticed cause he glared  aT him 

 "Lets leave " harry said 

"Uh okey" 

 "Are he going to call him "

"Yeah maybe he is hot"

 His face was priceless oh my god 

 "Why are you acting like this we aren't even dating for real "

 "Im sorry okey" I nodded 

 We went to his car couldn't it get more awkward


 Harry pov 

 I dont know what came in my mind when the waiter was flirting with her it just didn't fell good I just dont know we arnt even dating in real lets judt hope it dont get any awkward 



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