fake dating ( harry styles )

hey im ariel winter workman . yeah im an american actress 17 years old . mu best friends are zac efron and ross lynch i love them to death they are like my big brothers yeah thats all what you need to know about me now :) :D

yeah i hope you like i didnt write for a long period of timee so it might be bad fav and comment :) :D <33


1. chapter 1


 lily  pov : 


 i begin making my way to my car to go t the management office for the important meeting i dont even know why do they want me . dont get me wrong i love management but some times they can get so bossy . oh how rude of me i didnt tell you who i am / okey well there is nothing special about me except that im an american actress lily winter im crazy weird 17 years old teenager i love my best friends to death ross lynch and zac efron . and im single i just broke up with spencer boldman things just didnt work out so we decided to stay friends yeah . i have a celebratory crush on logan lerman

 oh come on you have to admit it he is hot his eyes are just hjsdkflegarururh okay back to were we are . before i notice i was infront of the building . i quickly parked and entered the building once i entered ashley came to me " quick lily  management is waiting for you " i nodded i wondring what was it all about . i quickly took the elevator and entered the office " oh look who decided to show up" my management excalimed i rolled my eyes at him . " okey lets see what you came here actually lily  we need more stories and stuff we dont want the fans bored so you need to fake dating-" i cut him " WHAT ?? FAKE DATING "  he glared at me " yeah you need to fake dating with harry styles from one direction" once the word left his mouth my jaw hit the floor " wait does he know " 


" yeah his management is telling him right now " 

i sighed " i will do it"  


harry pov: 

i was chilling with the lads till my phone started ringing " ello" " harry you need to come the management building RIGHT NOW " i sighed " okey" i drove to the building and went straight to the office 

" hey harry" my management said "hi so why exactly am i here " 


"you need to fake dating lily winter for your image " 



"yeah her management told her and she agreed " 

" i dont have a choice do i ? " 

" no now im going to give you her number cause today is you first date " 

"okey" i sighed 



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