One guy,one girl,one party and one TROUBLE.

what happens when alexandra goes with her friend to a party?

and that party will be attended by that dangerous guy named TROUBLE.

what would happen when the world of miss,goody two shoes,alexandra right,crashes with the....umm.....NEW world of the one and only trouble,the one and only justin bieber?


10. I'm sorry


The last time I wrote was a year ago but a lot was going on in my life . The doesn't justify it but just saying.

You will get a lot of notifications from this book in the next 48 hours . No matter what do NOT check it cause I want you to be surprised cause after 48 hours . Major changes would be done and 6 chapters would be written . I hope that makes it up for me being an un appreciative b!tch and leaving you hanging for a whole effin year.

IM SO SORRY ABOUT THAT . I really am and I hope you would give me and this book one more chance after 48 hours . Thank you very much 💙

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