One guy,one girl,one party and one TROUBLE.

what happens when alexandra goes with her friend to a party?

and that party will be attended by that dangerous guy named TROUBLE.

what would happen when the world of miss,goody two shoes,alexandra right,crashes with the....umm.....NEW world of the one and only trouble,the one and only justin bieber?


5. heyyoo

Hey guys and again I wasn't planing on setting a goal but as long as you don't comment by yourself ,sadly u have to set one ....

3 fans


Or next update will be after 15 days :S

I'm under lots of stress still,I update for ya guys and all I got on the new chapter is a comment that says I am stealing the danger story which I adore and won't dare to steal ,before anyone accuse me of anything you have to wait and see how the story goad because basically all of this is a filler we ain't even near the real conflict and shit so yeah..... Wait 2 or 3 chapters then you can tell me that I'm steeling someone's story ....I cried about the idea of me stealing anything though it's not true it hurt me pretty much that after all the thinking I did for the next chapters ,and the unique idea I got ' I get accused if stealing a story so yeah... And thanks for all of my fans !! And supporters of the story <3 xxxxxx though the person who commented that,isn't rude because she/he complimented my cover which I found swer and by the way,the main pic of the cover is made by Robbin bereaved <3

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