One guy,one girl,one party and one TROUBLE.

what happens when alexandra goes with her friend to a party?

and that party will be attended by that dangerous guy named TROUBLE.

what would happen when the world of miss,goody two shoes,alexandra right,crashes with the....umm.....NEW world of the one and only trouble,the one and only justin bieber?


4. chapter2

Alex's p.o.v

"Alexandra Ann right!!" dad shouted.


"Umm,yes daddy" I looked down.

"Where were you young lady?" mom asked not so calm either.


"Umm,i was at vectoria's" I lied smoothly which surprised me,alot.

"You should've told us" my mom said a lot calmer name because they love vectoria,they know we're friends since preschool.

"Mom,vectoria needed my help in the project that was due tomorrow,yes it's not mine but I won't let V fail,we are practically sisters" I said crossing my arms,still amazed by my ability of lying.

"Okay,but next time,inform us or leave a note and it would be better if there is no next time" dad warned.

I nodded.

I went to my room.

How the hell I'm off the hook!!

I rested then changed those heels into some white converse all starts and neon pink socks,i added neon pink nail polish and a white snap back that said 'princess' in neon pink.

I straightened my hair and curled the blonde tips and I was about to go down to eat something,my phone flashed.

I held in my hands and quickly swiped my fingers across the screen and wrote my password to unlock it,i was surprised if what I saw,its a message.

Justin:hi,look out of your window.

I looked out,its trouble or justin.

I was shocked.


J:hi,wanna grab something to eat?


I went down stairs to find mom cooking.

"Mom,i'm going out for a while,just to the park and I'll eat something" I said.

"Okay" she replied.

I walked out.

"Hi" I greeted once I saw him.

"Get in" he said.

I did what I was told to do.

"How did it go with your parents?" he said about to burst in laughter.

I told him about what I said and he listened with an amused face,still driving.

He laughed for the last time.

"Who thought the good girl can dance AND lie?" he said with an irritating smirk that I would happily slap off his face.

I shrugged.

I felt the sun burning my eyes and just them I thought why the hell I didn't bring any shades?

I stole the black raybans on troubl..umm I mean justin's nose.

"Heyyyyyy,give'em back shawty" he said opening his right palm,which scared me because no normal person can drive with their left hand.

I shook my head no.

I glanced back and my eye caught an extra jacket from the ones he always wear that has the jaguars sign on the left side from the back and the name bieber engraved on it in bold purple letters and the jacket itself is black jeans with black leather,it's kind of baseball jacket.

"Oooh,i'm giving it to you if I get that jacket" I pointed sticking my tong out.

"Okay you can wear it till I drive you back home" he stated.

I sat silently not moving.

"Umm,give the shades back" he chuckled.

"Didn't you just agree to me keeping'em?" I raised an eyebrow.

"No,i said that you can keep IT till the end if the day" he said nodding at the jacket.

Now I felt stupid but I gave him his shades and wore the jacket that was hella big on me,bur whatever it looks cool,i like purple and black.

We reached macdonalds.

"Macdonalds,yay!!woho" I cheered doing my happy dance,then u remembered he is here.


He bursted into laughter.

"You really like macdonalds right?" he asked .

"Yeah but it's not that,it's just I'm do hungraaaay" I stated.

He laughed the got out and I followed but u accidentally slammed the door.

He looked at me with a clenched jaw and probably glaring eyes that I can't see thanks too the shades.

"Never do that again " he said causing me to nod quickly.

He entered and I followed.

We ordered.

"47,86$" the cashier said.

I was about to pay.

But trouble was faster and payed the guy 100$ dollar bill.

"Don't you have 50$?" the dude asked.

"Nah,keep the change" Justin just said,does the kid own a bank.

Me and the dude stared at him for couple of minutes in amusement.

He dragged me to a table after we took out order.

Of course with that tips we got the order is a minute.

We ate while making a little convo about food.

After we were done,and I'm still wearing the jacket,lol.

Justin gave me the keys and said I can wait in the car till he comes out of the bathroom so we can go.

I was about to get out when I bumped into randy,ugh.

The school jock who keeps hitting on me and saying I'm a slut or a whore when I turn him down which is always.

"Look infront of you slut" he looked down at me with disgust.

"Don't talk to her like that,YOU FUCKING HEAR ME?" someone asked.

We turned around to only see the one and only justin bieber.

Randy started walking back wards.

"Where do you think you are going with out apologizing?" Justin asked randy.

"Umm,dude do you know her?" randy asked.

"Yes,she is fucking mine do if you come near her,you,are,dead."

"I swear I didn't know she is yours" randy's eyes caught the jacket I'm wearing and he started shaking.

"" he stuttered.

I nodded.

Justin kept a hand on my back till I was in the car.

Once he started driving I started word vomiting.

"WOW,why was he so scared?" I asked.

Justin laughed a little.

"I told you shawty,this is our town,my town and every one knows it"

He is still smirking for god's sake.

I felt the car stop.

I took off the jacket,folded it and layed it on the back seat.

He laughed.

"You are really a cleaning freak right?" he raised an eye brow.

"No,i'm actually very messy,i just turn to this freak when I'm nervous ya know?" again,word vomiting.

He laughed.


"Bye,bieber" I kissed his cheek and went back to my place.

Once I was in my room I started thinking.

Why the hell when I kissed his cheek,half of me wanted to fangirl and the other half wanted to scream at the girly half and tell it that this is dangerous,he is dangerous,i saw it myself.

I can't get attached to him.

Because he is a TROUBLE.

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