One guy,one girl,one party and one TROUBLE.

what happens when alexandra goes with her friend to a party?

and that party will be attended by that dangerous guy named TROUBLE.

what would happen when the world of miss,goody two shoes,alexandra right,crashes with the....umm.....NEW world of the one and only trouble,the one and only justin bieber?


6. chapter 3

(a/n; hi guys,finally reached my goal plus i was thinking about deleting this because i get alot of mean messages about my grammar and spelling) chapter 3:>>>>>> "alexandra right!" mom said sternly for the tenth time. "but mom i don't want go to aunt gorgia's house" i wined. she has been convincing me to go with them for two days straight,which also was the last timme i saw trou....i mean justin,ugh. "why,you can play with her kids" mom huffed. did she just say play to a freaking teenager! "mom'i'm not a kid anymore plus aunt gorgia's kids are so.....children" i explained,throwing my self on the bed. "jeremia is ten" she raised ten fingers,god help me not to commit suicide,ugh. "exactly,and he is the oldest one" "if you stayed here and didn't come,i won't bring you to our next week vacation,young lady" AWSOME. "but mommy i wanna come next week" i acted so she won't know that i want to stay anyway. "no" "fine mom" "so won't you come?" "no" i crossed my arms. "okay alex but you are not coming with us next week and you know we will stay there twenty days" she tried to change my mind for the last time. i just nodded. she went out of the room,leaving the door open. WHY??!!! after two hours she yelled that they are going. they usually spend the night there,since it's three hours drive. what to do,what to do? i went in the boy's room and played c.o.d on their playstation. after an hour,i paused to get orange juice when i heard something break. i went to my room. where is the damn knife? oooh yeah bieber took it,ugh. i opened a drawer in the beside table and grabbed the normal kitchen knife. yes,i sleep with a knife beside me not a water bottle. actually i have that too,since i usually have nightmares. i heard someone cursing. i peeked in the kitchen,where i heard the sound,they are three. i was about to go back upstairs to call 911,i can handle a well built man but not three!! i accidently hit the vase and it fell,shit. i ran upstairs and they were hot on my tail. i closed my bedroom door and locked it. where is my fucking phone?......the boys room,shit. i had one choice,the window. they already started breaking the door. "we warned bieber that we will get you" what? i don't get it. i snapped out of it. i ignored the fact that i'm wearing purple booty shorts and a white tight tanktop that showed my purple under garments,i look like a hooker,ugh. i wore the first trainers that i saw,which was blue high necks. i dropped the knife first then i started climbing down. once i hopped down,i heard some one scream,"GET HER NOW". i took my knife and ran so fast,not knowing where to go,now i have to choices,two roads. my friend's house,justin's gang house road. not wanting to put my friend in danger she can't handle,i took the road to bieber's gang house. it's still far and i'm tired. i found a guy holding a bike. i took it from him,he yelled but i just sped away with it. let's hope my memory is good and that i'm still on the right road. i looked back for a sec. the men were running after me still, son't they get tired! i finally saw justin's place, once i stepped a foot in his front yard i started yelling. i looked back and they were grabbing their guns. "JUSTIN!!!JUSTIN!!!!" once i was at the door,it flew open,i was dragged in harshly before i can who is it,who practically saved me. i looked up,it was justin two revolvers,after two minutes they ran and he slammed the door. he looked angry,no scratch that,he was fuming. i was still on the floor. but the other guys rushed in the room too. "ARE YOU COMPLETELY OUT OF YOUR MIND?" he yelled at me. "what did i do?" i started to get up. "YOU YELLED MY DAMN NAME A MILE WAY AND YOU LED THOSE PIECES OF SHIT HERE,YOU WILL BE THERE NEXT TARGET YOU DUMB ASS,SINCE NOW THEY ARE SURE THAT YOU ARE FUCKING ASSOCIATED WITH US" he yelled again. wow,how can a person fit so much cussing in one sentence. i felt anger rising. "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???!!! THEY CRASHED INTO MY HOUSE,THEY RAN AFTER ME,I LOCKED MY DOOR AND THEY SAID THAT THEY TOLD YOU THAT THEY WILL GET ME,SO I'M PRACTICALLY CHASED BECAUSE OF YOU,AND TO MAKE IT BETTER,THEY RAN AFTER ME WITH GUNS,AND ALL YOU ARE DOING INSTEAD OF APOLOGIZING IS CUSSING AND SHOUTING LIKE AN ASSHOLE,ANNOYING MOMMY'S BOY BRAT!!!!!!!!!" i screamed then i was back laying on the ground. i touched my burning cheek,he slapped me. i felt the anger disappear and i just stared at him,i felt a water drop touch my arm,just then i relised i was crying. i decided to not make a bigger fool of my self and stood up and started walking out of the house but instead i get yanked from my hair. "where do you think you are going cupcake?" justin said,his eyes turning black. he slapped me again which sent me flying againset the wall. all the guys just watched,like help me. "ENOUGH BIEBER" one of them yelled,but my eyes was blurred since i was shitting my pants,because he grabbed my hair again. "nuh-huh" he smirked. he pulled my with him downstairs,a basement. after some slaps he turned around,finally,i think he is going away. i was sobbing,what did i do? to deserve all this? spoke too soon. he turned around to face me now taking off his belt. i heard the guy's voice banging on the door and screaming at him to open it. once his belt was off,he started to beat me with it,every time heard than the one before it. "the belt hit you two times but you cussed at me five times so we still have three to go" i screamed and cried more. he hit me with it three more times. he held the belt that has my blood now and started walking upstairs. i felt thankful that he is finally going away. ___ no one's pov. they all waited till he was up again. once he came up and they saw the blood stained belt,all of the hate and disliking for that girl vanished,they actually pitty her. after hearing her screaming for thirty minutes while she did nothing. "man,are you drunk,high maybe?" johny exclaimed at justin. "she brought my mother into this" "she doesn't know about your past,which also explains why she said it" justin's eyes turned brown color again and a bang of guilt shot threw him. he felt like vomiting,he vomited when he was guilty,which wasn't alot,he didn't care about anyone he even killed,so their was no guilt but he actually ran to the bathroom and kept vomiting for ten minutes. it amazed the guys because that meant that he cares alot. he sat on the couch for an hour with the boys,no one saying a word. justin's pov: we were sitting in silence. i feel guilt everywhere in my body. i broke my mom's first rule,'never hit a woman',she would be so dissapointed in me. we heard a heart breaking but girly scream. we ran downstairs but i took the lead. alex sat in a corner hugging her knees while crying,she had blood everywhere and bruises. her head snapped our way,when i saw her face i felt like killing myself,i did this. tears stung the back of my eye. i started walking towards her,her eyes filled with fear in a sec. she tried standing but failed. "get out" i ordered the guys sternly. "don't touch her"ralph ordered "i wasn't planning on it" i bit back. "if she wants us to go,we will" henry said. "i can drive you home sweetie" ralph said. "she will stay" i wispered,i was mostly convincing my self that she won't leave "she have to tell us first" johny said. alex's pov: they waited for my answer,i hear justin say that i wont leave with sadness,hurt and guilt. call me stupid nut i just can't. he looks like he is about to cry. I HATE THAT HE CAN CONTROL ME LIKE THAT. i'm losing my mind,i can't stay. "i w..w..wi..will..s..stay" i stated. all their jaws touched the floor. i just can't,he looks so hurt. justin's pov; they went upstairs and i heard the door slam. she started to sob. ",don't h..h..h..hurt me" i kept walking forward. i can hear my heart breaking,her sassy self was gone,her smirk replaced by a frown,i caused this,she called me trouble,she hates me. when i towered her,she hugged my legs,i couldn't anymore,i let tears fall on my cheeks. i knelt down and hugged her softly,so i won't hurt the bruises that I FREAKING MADE. i held her bridal style to my room,not looking at the boys. she rapped her small little arms around my neck,which caused another bang of guilt,she still trusts me after what i did? nah can't be. i took her to the toilet in my room to bandage the bruises. itouched her face but she moved back afraid. i sighed. "trust me it won't hurt" i told her holding a shot to less the pain. she nodded and i injected her. "justin,i wanted to sa------" "SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE I BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU AGAIN" _________________________________________________________________________________________________ cliff hanger. i NEED : 5 FANS 5 LIKES 3 FAVORITE 6 COMMENTS AND AN ANSWER OF THE QUESTION......... WHO SAID THE LAST SENTENCE,YOU SAY IT RIGHT AND I'LL RANDOMLY CHOOSE A NAME OF THE ONES WHO GOT THE RIGHT ANSWER OR I'LL LET HIM/HER WRITE THE NEXT CHAPPY WITH ME AND I'LL GIVE YOU CREDIT OR I CAN HELP YOU WRITE A CHAPTER FOR YOUR OWN STORY OR EVEN GIVE YOU AN IDEA. IF YOU ARE UP FOR ANY OF THAT,COMMENT YOUR ANSWER WITH YOUR REAL NAME I MIGHT PUT IN BESIDE IT. GOOD LUCK AND STAY SWAGGY BELIEBERS <3 LOVE YA AND THANKS 4 SUPPORTING THIS XXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXX -PINK-SUGAAAR

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