Followed by the dark side

My name is Amy Deamps and this is the story of how I was being followed by the dark side (sorry of there are spelling and grammar mistakes English is not my native language)


2. the blond boy

I woke up and sat up, I didn't know if my eyes were open because all that I could see was darkness and nothing else.

"Are you sure that she's the one Lucius?" I heard a cold voice said

"Yes my lord ,my son Draco have been watching her for weeks" the man who apparently was Lucius answered.

"Very well" the man answered "we must wait until she wake up so then I can have a little talk with her".

The two men stopped talking and the place was in silence again. I saw a little light, maybe it was a door. I walked toward the light and saw an old wasn't locked so it was easy to opened it . I finally get out from that cellar but my luck suddenly changed. One shadow was stood near the fireplace.

"Great" I whispered to myself. The shadow turned at the sound of my voice and then It walked toward me. I did the stupidest thing of my life, I punched the shadow right in the face.

"OUCH!" He shouted. I recognized his face , pale, blond and tall he was the boy who have been watching me in the school, Draco Malfoy. what was he doing here?

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